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What does blue light do to your eyes?

This present era of digital civilisation has made all of us glued to either smartphones, computers, laptops, television, tablets or other digital screen devices. Although, these devices are part and parcel of our lives for good, yet there are drawbacks and risks associated with these smart digital devices. One of the harmful effects carried by […]


What are transition glasses?

Photochromic glasses came because the burning sun can demonstrate out to be savage! Particularly for your eyes and skin that suffer the most and especially your eyes that need the best defence. Exchanging between your prescription glasses and shades from time to time can turn out to be difficult at times. Luckily for you, there […]


Why is aviator glasses considered cool?

Aviator glasses has a long and glorious history. This particular shape of sunglasses has gained popularity since the year 1936, and it’s still considered to be fashionable and trendy. It’s a safe choice for anyone who is trying to buy a sunglass which would not look out of place for any special occasion and as […]

How do you shape titanium glasses?

How do you shape titanium glasses?

Counting at the unbelievable properties of titanium i.e. lightweight, strong, durable, flexible, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic (skin-friendly), no maintenance, unbreakable and easily accessible; titanium glasses are the most sought out glasses and highly demanded. For every season and every reason, matching with your wardrobe or flaunting at your vacations, for serious board meetings or for that dinner […]


How do I choose reading glasses frames?

Even if you have a perfect vision, there is one point of time in your life where you will have a slight problem in your vision. This is when you will need reading glasses. Reading glasses for men are different than reading glasses for women. This is because there might be different powers for each […]

latest eyewear trend 2019

Latest Eyewear Trend 2019

The latest eyewear trend of 2019 has taken spectacles to a whole new world of fashion accessories for your face. What used to be an embarrassing glass on your face once, eyewear is currently a revolutionary trend and has taken the fashion industry by storm. Fashion designers have displayed eyewear as an integral accessory in […]