Why are blue light glasses the must-have accessory?

Why are blue light glasses the must-have accessory?

If you are reading this, you too need to protect your eyes from the detrimental blue light. You can either resolve this modern threat by wearing blue light glasses or getting rid of all social media and digital devices from you.

Let’s be real here, we know you aren’t going to deprive yourself of your Instagrams and memes, but you must get serious about your eye protection against excessive screen time. 

Even people without any prescription are getting more blue light glasses as these glasses come with an advanced blue light filter and anti-glare coating. Making it easy for your eyes to remain protected without losing out on your digital devices. The blue light filter on online glasses helps to decrease eye-strain and erase the risk of eye diseases that can result due to overexposure to screen use and bright LED lights.

Even if you are wearing prescription glasses, it’s advised to get a blue light filter on them to eliminate any potential risk from computer screens. Yes, blue light filters are available on both prescription and non-prescription glasses. 

Our relationship with digital screens

As you’ve already heard about too much screen time is damage to your vision, guess, it’s true. Not directly eye damage but prolonged hours of screen use can gradually result in vision change and even permanent eye diseases.

Excessive use of digital screens results in less blinking that can make our eyes quite dry. Blue light rays that penetrate our eyes often result in dry-eyes, eye-strain, headaches, blurred vision, double vision and many more other issues. It might seem like an insignificant issue but with more screen time, these problems escalate into a bigger visual threat.

These problems can also cause problems in vision clarity and won’t add to a comfortable viewing experience. One second your eyes would be clear then the next second it’s back to being blurry, sometimes even redness or itchiness can occur. These fluctuations of these eye problems often result due to continuous blue light absorption in the eyes that’s causing lower amounts of fluid in the eyes.

Having enough natural tears in the eyes can improve the vision and comfort of the eyes. Even if you are wearing your prescription glasses, you’ll continue to experience dry-eyes and headaches. So the best possible solution to reduce any significant impact on the eyes due to blue light exposure is to wear these blue light glasses and also lessen screen time. Take enough screen breaks to not develop painful eye conditions. Follow the 20-20-20 rule to allow your eyes a lot more comfort and clarity. 

Why is blue light so harmful?

It’s the extreme blue light rays on the eyes that led to the popularity of digital eye strain glasses, also known as blue light glasses. Blue light is a high energy, a short wavelength that’s emitted from all digital screens like smartphones, computers, laptops, iPad, and many others. 

Blue light rays are found almost everywhere, not just by digital devices. The sun is the biggest source of blue light. But the difference is that blue light from the sun and other natural bodies have a good impact on our health since it’s natural light. Blue light from the sun helps to boost mood, alertness, memory and cognitive function. 

But the blue light from the computer screens are artificial and due to our prolonged hours of staring at the screen, the impact on our eyes has been extremely negative.

How do blue light glasses benefit?

All glasses online come with a blue light filter to offer a series of benefits and limit the impact of blue light. The blue light glasses help in blocking these detrimental blue light from entering our eyes and eliminating a lot of visual problems. 

Enhanced Sleep 

Blue light glasses are significantly helpful in returning your quality sleep. Blue light rays emitted from the screen enter our body to suppress the release of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. So if you are on your computer screen at night, the brains get tricked into thinking it’s daytime right now, thereby you feel more awake and alert. It’s here where your healthy sleep routine gets disrupted and you start to go through tired and exhausted the next day. To stop playing with your sleeping habit, get any cheap glasses online with a blue light restart the secretion of the hormone, and fall asleep on time. 

No More Eye Strain 

Research has proven that prolonged hours of blue light exposure result in eye damage over time. Anyone who uses the screen for long hours is quite familiar with this phenomenon. To reduce any eye problems like eye-strain, headache, blurred vision, and others, get a blue light coating on your reading glasses or fashion to focus on working better without expiring any eye troubles. 

Even when relaxing and reading on a tablet or watching TV, you are exposed to blue light, so try to wear your blue light glasses at all times.

Slow or Prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration

There still needs to be some more studies done on macular degeneration but some early studies show that blue light can penetrate your eyes to the retina. With blue light blocking glasses, you can mitigate some of the damage that then causes problems later on in life.