Wearing prescription glasses can improve my eyesight- A myth or fact

Wearing prescription glasses can improve my eyesight- A myth or fact

I hate to break it to you, but it is a myth. 

Wearing prescription glasses cannot improve your eyesight. Prescription glasses are only an aid that facilitates your vision and not affects it for better or worse.

Normal glasses or spectacles online only help you in seeing things better, just like magnifying lenses. You use it when you need it. 

When your eyesight is a bust, you rely on a pair of glasses to see things clearly. 

With time, your normal glasses cannot improve your eyesight unless they are some mythical glasses that magically heal your eyesight. Unfortunately, Harry Potter too wore a pair of nerdy glasses. 

Your eyesight can only recover if you have a healthy diet rich in vitamin-A, carotenes, omega-3, or some green leafy veggies. 

You follow healthy lifestyle choices like no binge-watching, no scrolling screen for hours, no smoking, no drinking and an endless list of goody-two-shoes habits. Phew… 

It’s hard to improve your vision once it has deteriorated. However, it is possible to stop your eyesight from deteriorating further. Wearing prescription glasses will not let your eyesight worsen further (not when you rarely wear them and have a bunch of bad habits or there are genetic or other health issues).

How to improve your eyesight?

  1. As previously mentioned healthy habits. Binge-watching or long hours of playing games on digital devices will make your eyes weaker. You will feel strain in your eyes. Strain or fatigue is due to the long-hour exposure of blue light emission. A large amount of blue light is harmful to your body. Not only your eyes, but your sleep cycle is also disturbed. Wear blue light protection glasses to protect your eyes. You can buy glasses and upgrade them into blue light glasses. 
  2. Yoga can also improve your eyesight. There is no proof whether it is true or not but many people believe yoga has many benefits. You can do various yoga tricks that are good for the eyes. 
  3. Eating vitamin enriches vegetables (your nagging Mom is right about greens), omega-3, anti-oxidants, flax seeds, carrots, citrus fruits, and many others.
  4. Wear sunglasses when going outside. No sunglasses are not just fashion accessories, they protect your eyes from the sun, wind, dirt, and water. Wearing sunglasses can avoid many unpleasant issues you might face when not wearing sunglasses. Your eyesight can deteriorate when you are frequently exposed to excess sunlight. Remember, sunlight has harmful UV rays, which can, in a worse situation, make you blind. Ever heard about snow blindness or surfer’s eye? These eye diseases are also caused by UV rays. So wear sunglasses and protect your eyes. Or wear glasses with a coating of anti-glare materials. You can find online glasses that come with AR coating in a very affordable range.
  5. Wear your glasses. If you are far-sighted, you need to squint your eyes to read the texts. You strain your eyes to focus on the tiny letters in the book. Straining your eyes can further deteriorate your vision. Wearing glasses will facilitate your vision and relieves your eyes. You can buy cheap prescription glasses online which not only have good style but also good quality lenses.
  6. Do not read or work in dim lights. Working in dim lights strains your eyes. Your pupils dilate to allow light to enter to facilitate vision. Reading requires an ample amount of focus from eyes, straining your eyes. You should always read in moderate lighting. 
  1. Avoid stress. Stress can also cause your eyesight to go bad. Go for recreational activities that can help in reducing your stress and anxiety. In stressful situations, pupils dilate to allow maximum light to see clearly the coming danger. Adrenaline puts pressure on the eyes in such a situation causing your vision to blur. You can suffer temporary vision problems or even permanent damage to your eyesight.
  2. Take a digital break. Try to take a break from using your digital devices for a day or even half a day. You will be able to relieve your eyes for a day and even your mind and body for some time.