5 Quick Tips to Take care of your glasses

5 Quick Tips to Take care of your glasses

Isn’t it embarrassing to wear your online glasses that get dirty every two seconds? While it’s tiring to keep cleaning them every day three to four times, dirty glasses can cause eye problems and damage the frame. You’ve got to show your glasses some care, or they won’t last long.

Cleaning your glasses must be your daily ritual. That’s the only way you can get them to remain clean at all times, and there’s no shortcut in it. But don’t just use anything to clean them, say no to curtains, T-shirts, or tissue paper. To maintain your vision all day long and prevent viral eye infection, here’s a 5 step guide to keeping your glasses clean – 

1. Wash Your Hands before Contacting Glasses

With the pandemic, you must be in a constant habit of washing hands which is considered quite good while wearing glasses. To prevent your glasses from getting dirty, you’ve got to wash your hands and make it a daily ritual before touching the frames. Use either cool or mildly warm water with few drops of dishwashing liquid or mild soap to properly get rid of any dirt and dust.

Also, ensure that the tap water is lukewarm as hot water can damage the coating of your glasses. You don’t want your newly cheap prescription glasses to crack, so always regulate it to an extremely mild temperature. 

2. Rinse Your Eyeglasses

While you are washing your hands, grab your glasses from the table and give them a little rise using a gentle stream of water. Don’t be hard with water, it must not hit the lens. Dab a bit of dish detergent or soapy liquid on both the front and backside of the lens. Gently rub both sides of the lenses for a while, and give a little cleaning to the frames and their small edges too, don’t forget the nose pads. 

You won’t believe that the inside the nasal edge of the reading glasses or varifocals is the biggest spot that collects sweat and oil. Don’t forget to clean that area with some extra love. You’ve got to be extra careful with cleaning the frames based on their material. If you’ve got metal frames with nose pads, then these require extensive attention on the arms of the nose pads and the pads as well. For an acetate frame without any nose pads, don’t forget to clean the bridge portion that’s in constant with the nose as it contains a build-up of oil and sweat. Once you’ve cleaned every section and corner of your glasses, rinse them off gently and thoroughly under a faucet.

3. Dry the Glasses with a proper cleaning cloth

Your blue light glasses or prescription glasses will require a bit of cleaning when you are done removing the majority of water from the lenses and frames. To clean the lens, don’t just use any fabric as we’ve discussed earlier, opt for a clean, fresh out of the dryer microfiber cloth or cotton towel that isn’t in contact with a fabric softener or dryer sheets. 

While you are cleaning your glasses lens, make sure there’s no dirt or dust hidden between small parts. And clean the eyewear quite gently so that the lenses don’t receive any scratches on the lenses. You’ll see a few drops of water climbing on their way to the hinges or the grooves. Just dab off your microfiber cloth on those areas and try to check on the glasses to ensure if the water has evaporated or not completely. 

4. Clean Your Lenses

Once you are done with cleaning your frames, you’ve got to clean the most important yet delicate portion of the glasses. Pick up your microfiber cloth and gently clean the lenses or just dab softly against each lens. Check the state of the lenses to see if they are dry or not so that you don’t rub them dry. While you are cleaning the lens, make sure the cleaning cloth is free from all dirt and debris that can rub across the lens and can damage its quality. 

5. Maintain Healthy Hygiene Habits

To keep your glasses clean at all time, here are some of the healthy hygienic habits you can incorporate –

  • Always keep your glasses stored in their case if you aren’t using them. The dirt and dust accumulated by glasses mostly come from keeping them out in the open. 
  • Don’t forget to clean your glasses when they are wet. Don’t clean them when the lenses are dry as it increases the chance of the cloth rubbing harshly against the lens and spreads more dirt and debris instead of cleaning it.
  • Don’t clean your glasses with anything that contains alcohol. Although it’s good for removing germs, it can also damage the lenses and risk weakening of the lenses and frames. If you are using cleaning liquids from your eye retailers, make sure it’s labeled “safe for coated lenses” so that it doesn’t remove your protecting coating glazed on the lenses for your eyes and glasses maintenance. 
  • Wash the lens of your glasses more than once a week, it will get rid of all the dirt and dust deposited on the frames and other parts of the eyewear. If you’ve out on a hot day, rinse your glasses with cool water after coming home. 
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