Blue Light Glasses- Three Important know-how before buying

Blue Light Glasses- Three Important know-how before buying

Why Blue Light Glasses? If you have visited an optical store recently, your optician must have recommended blue light glasses to you, followed by a long sales pitch of how it is so good for your eyes. Well, they are not wrong. Blue light glasses are actually a good upgrade to have for your glasses. While not compulsory, you should not miss out on the benefits of the blue light blocking glasses.

1. What are blue lights and how are they harmful?

Sunlight is made of majorly seven lights, that are VIBGYOR. There are ultraviolet and infrared as well. UV rays are harmful to your eyes and skin and infrared light is generally beneficial. The blue lights are the shorter wavelength lights. Excessive exposure to these lights is detrimental to your body. This light is not only in the sunlight but also abundant in your digital devices. 

Effects of Excessive exposure to blue lights 

  • Eye fatigue

One of the worse effects of long exposure to the digital screen is eye fatigue. Nowadays, almost everyone is suffering from this issue as we tend to stick to our devices either out of necessity or purely out of addiction. 

  • Headache

Long exposure to blue light or excessive use of digital devices can lead to a headache. It is mostly followed after eye fatigue. When your eyes are tired or strained, your head starts to hurt

  • Disruption in the sleep cycle

Your brain considers blue lights to be an indication of daytime. When you are exposed to blue light for longer hours, your brain gets haywire and doesn’t send a command to the body to fall asleep. Your sleep cycle is disrupted and you start suffering from insomnia followed by nausea and headache.

2. Do blue light glasses work?

Blue light glasses are specially designed to block oncoming blue lights. Most blue light glasses block about fifty percent of blue light. To improve your circadian rhythm, you need to block all the incoming blue lights. You should buy blue light glasses that block at least 90% of the emission. Specscart’s blue light glasses block 99.9% of the blue light emission. You can visit and order online glasses with blue light protection at an affordable price. You can try the free home trial service and get the glasses within the same day. 

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3. Why other alternatives don’t work?

Alternatives for blue light blocking glasses-

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses only work when you are outdoor. It blocks excess sunlight and protects your eyes from sun glare. If you are using polarised sunglasses, your glasses block the horizontal rays which harm your eyes. Cheap sunglasses do not have polarised lenses and do not protect your eyes from direct sunlight. 

If you are using amber-tinted sunglasses, these block out larger wavelength lights, protecting your eyes. But you cannot use them indoors or under dimmer light. 

  • Anti-glare protective coating

An anti-glare protective coating over your prescription glasses protects your eyes from sudden flashes of light or the glare from the sun. This coating doesn’t protect you from blue light emission. You will comfortable wearing these types of glasses outside. But for using in front of a desktop, laptop, or any digital screen for long hours, only blue light glasses will provide you relief from eye strain.

  • Transition glasses

Transition glasses are a type of glasses that darkens when under sunlight or bright light. These type of glasses blocks excess blue light. But for digital screens, this option is not viable. 

  • Apps to minimise the blue light emission

There are many apps that can reduce the emission of blue light from your digital screens. This will protect your eyes from the devices you use but not from the natural sunlight.

  • Blue light screen filter

The blue light screen filter is an external glass screen that can be placed over the desktop to block the emission of blue light. You can put as many screens as you want on your devices, but it won’t block the blue light emission you are intaking from the sunlight. This is not an effective method as you might have to buy a lot of blue light screen filters depending on the number of devices you use. Why buy so many things when you can just make your prescription glasses into blue light blocking glasses.