How your vision can get affected by your bad drinking habits

How your vision can get affected by your bad drinking habits

Whether it is a birthday or a funeral, a wedding or a divorce, every occasion happy or sad is accompanied by alcohol. After a hectic week, you celebrate your TGIF in a bar with your friends or meet new people over a glass of cocktail. A glass of wine can ease the atmosphere. 

Drinking once in a while or occasionally in moderate quantity is alright. It won’t hurt your health. But excessive drinking, alcohol addiction can have consequences for your health. Bad drinking habits can also impair your vision, both temporarily and permanently. You might have to schedule an eye test if you have a very bad drinking habit and facing eye pain or a decrease in your vision.

  1. Blood-shot eyes

Excessive drinking can make your eyes reddish. Liquor consumption can dilate ocular blood vessels that are the blood vessels in your eyes. Dilated blood vessels will appear redder and give you a ghastly appearance. These changes can stay permanently if you are a heavy drinker.

  1. Sensitivity to light

You will become sensitive to lights. You will find it difficult to open your eyes in the sunlight, followed by pain in your eyes. Cooling off your eyes with cold water can ease off your sensitivity. If you have vision defects like nearsightedness or farsightedness, then get blue light glasses for your next prescription glasses. Blue light glasses block the excessive blue light emitted from the sun or your digital screens. This will help in relieving your eyes and your eye-sensitivity will reduce.

  1. Migraine

Hangovers are common in the morning after a night of drinking. You can ease your hangovers by drinking lemon drinks. However, if you are a heavy drinker and you drink frequently, your hangovers will be longer. These can turn into migraines causing you trouble for a long period of time. Use of reading glasses for reading purposes or any work that requires focus can ease your headache. Consult your doctor if you are having migraines. If you are suggested to use glasses, you can easily buy glasses online at an affordable range. 

  1. Damage to optic nerves

Prolonged drinking can cause permanent damage to your optic nerves. Your eye muscles weaken from excessive drinking of alcohol which in turn causes optic nerves to weaken. Prolonged periods of this condition will result in permanent optic nerve damage. If this occurs, you will have to visit your doctor. If you experience migraine or eye pain or any vision problem, there are chances that your optic nerve is damaged. 

You can rectify vision problems by wearing prescription glasses. You can browse online glasses and find a wide range of fashionable and affordable glasses.

  1. Double vision

Your state of inebriation will cause you to see double visions or blurred vision. Your optic muscles weaken causing temporary impaired vision. If you are driving in this condition, you are not able to make sound judgement and are more likely to cause an accident.

  1. The delayed reaction of pupils

Weak optic muscles will also cause your pupils to react slowly. You will have a fraction of delay in responding to light flashes or objects around you. You are likely to fumble around. 

  1. Inability to see colour shades

Sometimes excessive drinking can also cause an inability to see colours. Your optic nerves do an important job of taking in the images reflected in your eyes and sending them to the brain. When optic muscles weaken, your nerves get affected by it, resulting in a slow response of your brain. This can also cause the colours to blur in front of your eyes and you are not able to see the right colours. Seeing traffic lights will become difficult. You won’t be able to differentiate between red and green colours. 

Drinking causes a lot of vision problems. Driving under influence is prohibited because of these issues. Drinking causes impaired vision and impaired judgement. Moderate drinking has many health benefits like increasing your body’s thermal resistance, giving a healthy glow to your skin. But excessive drinking can only be fatal. Anything in life should be done in moderation. When it becomes excessive, it can only cause issues in your life.