7 Common Struggles For People Who Wear Glasses

7 Common Struggles For People Who Wear Glasses

If you were, thank god for blessing you with 20/20 vision. But if you weren’t, you probably have eyeglasses on while reading this article. 

People with normal vision don’t realise how lucky they are. Whether you have a low near vision or distant vision, wearing glasses has its own struggles that can make the entire experience quite unpleasant. 

No matter if you have bought the most stylish and trendiest designer glasses online, there are some common challenges that are hard to avoid.

I understand your pain. These are the most common problems faced by the bespectacled folks on a daily basis. 

Cleaning, Cleaning and Cleaning

Do you find yourself cleaning your glasses every now and then?

You may wonder sometimes, “why on earth are my glasses dirty all the time”? 

Well, this isn’t only you who feel this way. There is an entire population of glasses-wearers that share this pain. 

Your lenses can pick up dust and dirt from the environment which requires you to wipe them off frequently. Do not use your clothes to clean the glasses as the dust particles on your clothes might scratch the lenses. You must not want that to happen to your designer glasses.

Use a microfiber cloth or use pre-moistened disposable lens cleaning wipes for a quick touch up of your glasses.

Avoiding 3D movies

You are struggling with a single pair of glasses and now you have to wear two. Although people who wear glasses like to have fun, there is nothing fun about wearing two sets of glasses at once. It is not only awkward and uncomfortable, you will leave the movie theatre with a headache.

Glasses-wearers love 3D movies just like everybody else. But having to wear one pair of glasses over the other doesn’t make for a comfortable movie-watching experience even more so when you are wearing thick glasses frames for men.

Lenses fogging up 

You are enjoying hot soup or your favorite coffee and suddenly, your glasses have fogged up and you can’t see clearly. The second you bring the hot food close to your mouth, the steam will leave you with foggy glasses. No matter if you buy cheap glasses or those flashy frames from the high streets, this problem is bound to haunt you. 

Anyone who wears glasses must have experienced this awkward situation. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic has made all of us wear face masks which is another reason behind foggy lenses.

The face mask makes the warm breath flow upward and hit the colder lens. When this happens, the water droplets sit on the lenses hindering your vision. And you can’t touch your glasses to clean them before sanitizing your hands first. Sounds like quite a hassle, doesn’t it?

If you want to avoid this situation, wash your lenses with soapy water to reduce the tension on the lens surface so the water molecules don’t stick to it.

Forgetting them at home

This is the ultimate struggle. Forget about the foggy lenses and constant cleaning, the real struggle begins when you need your glasses but you don’t have them. 

Buying those expensive online glasses won’t do you any good if you have forgotten to wear them.

Simple things like driving and reading your work mails can become the most intricate tasks when you don’t have your specs on. 

One smart way to avoid this problem is to always keep two or three pairs of glasses for your prescription. You can keep them in your office desk, glove box in your car or in your bag. This will make sure that your life doesn’t stop even when you have forgotten your glasses at home. 

If you think that buying multiple pairs of glasses will leave your wallet empty, the online options have got you covered. You can buy good-quality low cost glasses online for your prescription and pair them with different outfits to make a style statement. 

Glasses headaches 

Headaches from glasses occur when you are wearing them for the first time or you have a change in your prescription. Not only this, you will experience blurry vision too.

Whether you wear prescription eyeglasses or reading glasses, your eyes will take time to adapt to the vision change and you will feel the discomforts of your new frame for a couple of days or maybe even a week.

However, this doesn’t mean that you abandon your glasses and pretend like you don’t need them. Try wearing them for 3 to 4 hours without taking a break. Do it for a couple of days to make the adaptation process easier for your eyes.

Headache can also be a sign that your frame is not right for you or there is a problem with your prescription. If you want to buy glasses online, make sure you check the frame measurements and give the right prescription number.

Not being able to wear makeup

So you have got the most beautiful eyes but how will you put makeup on them if you can’t see without glasses. One of the most common struggles of women with glasses is that they can’t see their face properly even when they are standing so close to the mirror. How will you do your makeup then?

Losing your glasses

Have you ever put your glasses somewhere and then had to search them blindly?

It may happen that you decide to take a nap, put your specs on the side table and when you wake up and reach your hand out for the frame, you accidentally drop them off. Now that’s horrible right? 

If you don’t want to end up in a situation like this, make sure you always put your glasses in the same place when you take them off. You can also secure them with a glasses chain so they are always secured around your neck. These chains are available in different styles in optical stores where you shop for glasses. 

The final word

Wearing glasses comes with its own struggles but you need those glasses to get on with life. No matter how you manage to put up with your spectacles, never give up on them. Doing this will only make your vision worse.