How do your glasses reflect your personality?

How do your glasses reflect your personality?

Do you know that a bespectacled person is more likely to be thought of as innocent and sincere? When someone is wearing glasses you perceive them as intelligent. We subconsciously think that they spent too much time reading, hence they are weak. We associate them with being inferior in strength (which is not the case always) and assume them to be innocent. We find them honest, trustworthy, sophisticated, dependable, and hardworking. 

Glasses reflect the personality or rather perceived personality. If you want to have a better impression over someone, you can choose a pair of glasses that would make you look trustworthy and confident. You must have seen in movies, sometimes actors wear spectacles to show their characters in a better way. So that we see the characters in the movie and not the celebrity behind the characters. Like in Superman, the actor looked like a normal 9 to 5 worker with his spectacles on. He was perceived as someone weak, even nerdy. Mila Kunis’ business look with rectangular black frames in Ted,  Zooey Deschanel in New Girl with cheerful and fun-looking tortoiseshell glasses, Emma Stone with Cat-eye glasses in the Help, and many more. You can order similar glasses frames for women online at an affordable range. 

Rimless Frames

Wearing a rimless glass will make you less distinctive and less memorable. But it will also make you more trustworthy. If you are a student and want to just blend in your classroom so that your professor who asks questions every now and then forgets about you, you can gladly try them. You can also get anti-blue light glasses that protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Full Rim Frames

These glasses make you look more trustworthy and distinctive drawing more attention towards your eyes. Different shades give you a different look and feel. You look more attractive and approachable. You can get your reading glasses or prescription glasses in various styles and shades, all at a very affordable range.

Frames of Famous Brands

The bigger the logo is displayed on the glasses, the more sensitive to prestige you are. Wearing big brand glasses makes you look fashion-conscious. You are a considerate, cooperative, and warm person. You choose the brand just not because it is famous but because its ideals match yours. You use the brand as a means to reflect your ideals. On the flip side, wearing big logos also means you have a fear of being rejected. You might be perceived as someone insecure.

Tortoiseshell Frames

Tortoiseshell glasses are trendy and loved by almost everyone. These glasses make you look like a cheerful person. You are fun-loving, approachable, considerate, and kind. You find yourself amongst your friends. You can buy a few pairs of cheap glasses for parties and outings with your friends. 

Browline Frames

These glasses make you business-oriented. Your time is precious and you mean business. With these glasses on, you look trustworthy, dependable, and hardworking. Wear these glasses in interviews or important meetings. You have a wide range of men’s glasses at Specscart for you to choose the perfect business look that can strike a deal for you.

Transparent Frames

Transparent glasses are the craze nowadays. These look trendy and fashionable. You look chic wearing them. Wearing these highlights your eyes and goes well with an outfit of any colour. You can give these a try. We are sure, you’ll love it. Because we do. These glasses will soon become your darling.

Frames of Classic Shapes

Classic Frames like oval, rectangle, almond shape make you look formal. These glasses speak business. Paired with classic colours like gold, silver, brown, grey, black, or rimless frames make you look like a practical person who looks for a solution. You had a vision problem and hence the glasses, just to meet the requirement. You are more likely to be a reserved person going the traditional way. You can buy cheap glasses online added with blue-light protection, anti-glare and scratch-proof properties.

Larger frames 

Large frames have come into the trend in recent years. They make you look bold and adventurous. You are creative and fashion savvy. Your glasses act as an ice-breaker when meeting new people. If you are introverted but want to come out of your shell, try to wear modern frames.

Soft cat-eye frames

You look younger wearing these. If you are a senior citizen or just a bit more weathered than youngsters around you, you can try cat-eye glasses. You will look more approachable and kind.

With different glasses, you can put on a different vibe around you. You can look charming, kind, out-going, or the complete opposite. It’s just the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.