How do Transitions Lenses Aid Your Eye Health

How do Transitions Lenses Aid Your Eye Health

If we have to find a middle ground between eyeglasses and sunglasses, nothing else comes to mind than transition lenses. You don’t have to carry around two pairs of glasses and switch from one pair to another depending on the light conditions in your surroundings 

Transition lenses are loved for their amazing technology of changing colour when exposed to UV light. You can add these lenses to your cheap prescription glasses and get them to work like sunglasses. 

However, apart from the seamless transition and the goodness of two glasses in one, there is something more about these glasses that contributes to your eye health. But first, let’s know how the transition happens.

How do transition lenses work?

Transition lenses change colour and turn slightly dark when the sun rays hit their surface and once you are inside, they turn clear back again. The microscopic photochromic molecules on the lenses change structure which leads to the change of colour.

These molecules react to the UV light and recalibrate so only the ideal amount of light reaches your peepers. In case you have a refractive error and are thinking of buying spectacles online, you can choose to buy transition lenses and save money on sunglasses. 

If your transitions don’t change colour when you are inside a car, it is because the windshield of your car already filters out the UV light. These are also one of the most sought-after categories in online glasses.

These lenses also react to the temperature. So, if you are sitting under a shelter on a sunny day, they will react with the high temperature and turn dark quickly. On the contrary, on a cold day, the molecules will take longer to change structure thereby delaying the reaction process. 

Why should you go for transitions?

Wondering why so many people choose to go for transition lenses when buying glasses frames for men or women? The answer is simple – comfortability, affordability and convenience. 

If you are bespectacled, you often have come across this dilemma of choosing between your cheap prescription glasses or sunglasses on a sunny day. Most of us go for sunglasses choosing eye protection over clear vision. But when you have transition glasses, you don’t have to make such hard choices. You can easily manage your vision problem and the blazing sun with your transition lenses.

Now that we know what these lenses are and why you need them in your cheap prescription glasses, let’s get into the many eye health benefits they have.

How do transition lenses affect eye health?

If you haven’t yet made up your mind to get transition glasses as your next online glasses, we have a set of reasons why you might want to change your mind. 

They prevent eye diseases

If you know anything about the harmful effects of UV rays on your eyes, you would know how important sunglasses are to your eyes. The intense rays of the sun can go deep in your eyes and target your macula, thus deteriorating your central vision. 

When you buy transition lenses in cheap prescription glasses, your eyepiece will filter out the UV rays thereby preventing the damaging effects on your eyes.

Continuous exposure to the UV light can make you sensitive to light and trigger eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration or cataracts. Thus, wearing transition glasses will prevent these eye conditions and keep your eyes safe from the sunlight. 

Get relief from light sensitivity

If you choose to go for transition lenses in your next glasses frames for men, you won’t have to worry about stepping in bright lights.

 If you already  have photophobia, you might feel blurred vision, headaches or eye pain when your eyes are exposed to bright lights. In this case, transition glasses are the best choice for you as the dark lenses will reduce the intensity of the light and bring relief from the unpleasant symptoms of photophobia. 

Reduce glare

Glare if often uncomfortable and can make you temporarily blind. When the light rays hit the horizontal surfaces such as roads or a water body, they get reflected in the same direction and cause glare.

This glare can keep you from seeing the objects clearly and may even lead to road accidents. While your car windshield is capable of blocking the UV light, it doesn’t do a great job at reducing the glare. So, getting spectacles online that have transition lenses will take this pain away. The anti-reflective coating on their lenses will reduce the amount of glare that reaches your eyes.

This way, you have a clear vision and your risk of road accidents will also decrease. Since these lenses will change colour on their own, you will have maximum visual comfort no matter where you are. 

We hope that you now understand the functioning and importance of transition lenses in saving your vision. Although they are multitasking, they are not expensive at all, especially when you look for online glasses options.