Why is my eyesight getting worse and how can I improve it?

Why is my eyesight getting worse and how can I improve it?

Move a little farther away from your phone or laptop.

Do you have to now strain your eyes to read this?

If yes, then you need to schedule an eye test as soon as possible. Not able to read minute texts can be because of myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia or because of other eye-related problems. There are a number of reasons why your eyesight is deteriorating.

1. Aging 

Ageing can be a factor for worsening eyesight. With age, (generally after the age of 40) your muscle loosens causing the optic nerves to deteriorate. This causes defective vision. Your eyes lose their elasticity and lose their ability to focus. It becomes difficult to read books or to work on minute objects. Using reading glasses can solve this problem. 

2. Growing up

Another factor is growing up. In children, the size of the eyeball is small and not to the size of an adult’s. While growing up your eyeball’s size changes inhibiting their ability to focus. This can cause hyperopia in children. In such a case, you might need to get frequent eye tests because your vision power changes frequently. You can get a free eye test while buying glasses from Specscart.

3. Your lifestyle

If you live a hedonistic lifestyle, your eyes are bound to suffer. Alcohol can be a fun way to relax but excess consumption can cause various eye problems. Less is good, more is bad. Anything in excess can cause health-related issues. Alcohol can cause muscle weakness, which can damage your optic nerves. Your eyes can become sensitive to light and tiny exposure can cause you eye pain. You can even develop migraines.

You can try wearing blue light glasses to reduce the sensitivity of your eyes. Blue light glasses block blue light emitted from the sun and all the digital screens reduce the strain of your eyes.

4. Stress

You might have greater productivity when under duress but in the long run, stress is harmful to your body and more so for your eyes. Stress can cause eye strain, eye spasms, light sensitivity, to name a few. Stress can even cause temporary or permanent vision loss. A sudden loss or grief can cause your vision to deteriorate or full vision loss. 

When you are stressed, your pupils dilate to allow light to enter so that you can clearly view the potential threat. Plus your high level of adrenaline pressures your eyes making your vision blurred. 

Wearing blue light glasses can reduce your eye strain to a great extent. If you have a perfect vision you can get non-prescription glasses and add blue light protection on them and use them while using any digital screens

5. Eye-strain and tiredness

If you work long hours in front of digital screens, you may be suffering from eye fatigue or eye strain. You often find your eyes getting teary or dry. Your eyes might even hurt from time to time. Eye fatigue from digital screens is quite common and also causes insomnia. Getting blue light glasses for eye strain is a good option when you can not reduce the number of hours of using digital screens. Using these glasses can also improve the circadian rhythm of your body and you can fall asleep easily. 

6. Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause your vision to deteriorate temporarily. Because of hormonal changes in your body, your vision can suffer. You should consult your doctor in such cases.

7. Harmful light

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to your eyes. It can cause permanent eye damage and vision loss. When exposed to sunlight you should wear sunglasses or transition glasses. You can add a layer of anti-glare coating to your prescription glasses, it can protect your eyes from sun glare. Blue light glasses block almost all of the blue lights, protecting your eyes from any harmful lights. You can choose to wear these. If you are looking for cheap prescription glasses, check out Specscart. It has a wide range of styles and shades of glasses with the best quality of lenses at an affordable price.

8. Your underlying eye conditions

Your underlying vision defects like an uncorrected refractive error of your eyesight can also cause your vision to deteriorate. You should get an eye test done. You can buy online glasses and get your prescription glasses made at an affordable price.

9. Genetics

Lastly, your vision defects may be because of genetics. If your parents are myopic, then it is highly likely for you to be myopic as well. You should get frequent eye tests, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to stop your eyesight from getting deteriorated further.