blue light blocking glasses

Can I wear blue light blocking glasses all day?

How many hours do you spend daily in front of the computer or laptop? How often your head is tilted down towards your mobile phone? Do you enjoy watching television in your spare time or playing with Xbox? Well, it is expected that the answers to the above questions would go something like -you cannot […]


Buying prescription glasses online: Tips to remember

Purchasing a pair of spectacles has never been easy over the internet, much less buying prescription glasses online. Writing as a proud wearer of spectacles, I can understand the apprehensions in purchasing such a pair. Normally, you would go to an optician and get your eyesight checked. After that, you would go about trying out […]

Fashion glasses

Interesting fashion glasses that are must-have for all

Placing our best in front when we are moving around the city while going to the workplace and for each one of those significant events is in everyone’s psyche. We put our best clothing types, coordinate them with relevant embellishments, pair them with the best footwear. But my dear fashion friends the trends are changing! […]

replace lenses in glasses

Can you just replace lenses in glasses?

All those who wear prescription glasses know about the service to replace lenses in glasses. For all those times when you are running short of cash, wish to go with the same frames. You can prefer to get your glasses reglazed. Whenever you do not want to buy a new pair. Numerous buyers are fixing […]

glasses block blue light

How can you tell if your glasses block blue light?

You go to office daily? Work on computers for so many hours. Come home watch your fav series. Read things that interest you. And strain your eyes. Don’t you? Whatever activity you are taking part in. Overexposure to the blue light is a common story. And what’s the solution- having glasses to block the blue […]

Varifocal glasses suitable for computer

What is the difference between bifocal and varifocal lenses?

Bifocals and varifocal lenses are the part and parcel of prescription eyeglasses used to correct vision defects originated due to hypermetropia, myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Although both of them can cure refractive disorders and consists of more than one power strength in a single lens. When it comes to comparing their structure, performance, and benefits, […]

Night Glasses

How do night glasses work?

Do you experience difficulty in driving at night owing to the gleaming headlights of vehicles and bright street lights? Or maybe working at night gives you a headache due to extremely harsh lightening? There are many people like you who have faced similar situations and struggle to view clearly at night.   In fact, the […]