Ptosis – Important know-how of lazy eye condition

Ptosis – Important know-how of lazy eye condition

Ptosis or lazy-eye condition is a condition when one or both eyes start drooping. The person suffering from ptosis appears to be lazy and falling asleep. But they are wide awake and the upper eyelid seems to be falling. This occurs when the person stays awake for longer hours.

Some common symptoms of ptosis are:-

  • Droopy eyelids – Eyelids droop after staying awake for too long. One or both the eyelids appear to droop. 
  • Fatigue appearance – Drooping eyelids will cause your appearance to look fatigued. You will look as if you are sleepy. You will have a lazy appearance.
  • Sagging eyelids blocking vision – If your eyelids sag a lot, then it can obstruct your vision. You will have an issue seeing. It can obstruct your vision partially or completely
  • You will tilt your head to see better – Thus affecting your body posture and leading to other health issues.
  • You will constantly lift your eyebrows to see better – Since your eyelids block your vision, you will lift your eyebrows constantly (subconsciously) to get a better vision. You will also find yourself squinting.
  • You get double vision – You have difficulty seeing because of your droopy eyelids and sometimes you even get double visions or blurry vision.
  • Extremely dry or watery eyes – You may experience extremely dry eyes and sometimes watery eyes.

What causes ptosis to occur

Ptosis can be of two types – Congenital and Acquired. In congenital ptosis, the condition of ptosis is present since birth and in acquired ptosis, ptosis occurs in later stages. The causes for ptosis are –

1. Dysfunction of muscles

Ptosis can occur from the dysfunction of your muscles. The muscles responsible for the movement of your eyelid (your oculomotor nerves) may become dysfunctional causing your eyelids to sag. 

2. Ageing

Ptosis can occur from the muscle-weakening from aging. With growing age, the oculomotor nerve can become dysfunctional and become saggy. This is more common in older people. Most senior citizens have droopy eyelids.

3. Underdeveloped levator muscle

Some people are born with ptosis. Due to improper development of levator muscles or oculomotor nerves in the womb, ptosis condition can occur in many people. This is also known as congenital ptosis. 

Based on the severity of the condition, surgery is required to remove the condition. If the condition can improve on its own, it is left as it is. If the condition is severe and restricts vision, surgery is conducted on the eyelid.

Generally in children, doctors wait until the children are older than 4-5 years, since the muscles around their head and eyes are not fully developed. If the ptosis condition can correct itself on its own then the surgery is not recommended.

4. Trauma

Ptosis can also occur when there is damage to the oculomotor nerve. This condition can be cured by surgery. It can also occur because of any trauma suffered. Get an eye test to know the condition of your eyes if you have suffered any trauma or eye injury.

5. Drug Abuse

Constant drug abuse like opioid consumption can also cause droopy eyelids. Consumption of drugs can impair your motor nerves and cause the eyelids to sag.

6. Myasthenia Gravis

Drooping can be because of myasthenia gravis. It is a neuromuscular disorder that weakens the skeletal muscle. It will impair the connection between the nerve cells and muscles. It will cause your muscles to weaken. If you go to the doctor for checking your ptosis. The doctor will check for myasthenia gravis by checking the balance of your body.

Droopy eyelids can be symptoms of underlying diseases

If both your eyelids have ptosis symptoms then you should consult your doctor, there are chances that your droopy eyes are symptoms of many severe health issues. Health issues that weaken your muscles can cause droopy eyelids. 

  1. Stroke
  2. Brain tumour 
  3. Cancer

Treatment of Ptosis

If you have congenital ptosis and the severity of ptosis doesn’t affect your eyesight, you do not need surgery. However, you can opt for plastic surgery to improve your looks.

If your eyelids are blocking your vision, then you will be recommended surgery to remove your excess drooping eyelids. Another solution is corrective glasses for ptosis. In this type of glasses, the glasses can hold up your eyelids and you can have a smoother and clearer vision. This solution is only effective when the ptosis is only temporary.

Prevention of Ptosis

Can you prevent ptosis? No. Ptosis can occur as a symptom of underlying diseases or any trauma you suffer. Ptosis mostly doesn’t affect your eyesight. When ptosis is severe and is covering your eyes, then your vision is obstructed and you need surgery to remove it. The only way to control ptosis is to get a regular eye test. With regular eye tests, you will be able to know the condition of your eyes and can take action when it gets extreme.

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