Poor Eyesight and depression? Know the Effects on mental health

Poor Eyesight and depression? Know the Effects on mental health

With age, your eyesight diminishes. And you start getting depressed as this happens.

Losing your eyesight is indeed a saddening thing. All of your daily activities are dependent on your eyesight. With poor vision, you will feel handicapped. You will need others to help to get by your daily life. A simple activity like crossing the roads can become challenging if you are gradually losing your eyesight. Your everyday needs need to be adjusted to meet the changes because of worsening eyesight. This kind of change is not welcomed by anyone. You will be depressed as you feel the onset of aging, more because of your eyesight. 

If you are feeling depressed because of your eyesight, you should consult your doctor. You might develop clinical depression and other mental health issues.


You are twice as likely prone to develop depression because of your deteriorating eyesight. Not just because of aging. Diminishing eyesight from some injury, UV radiation, or other health issues like diabetes can cause you to feel depressed. 


You will feel anxious as your eye vision goes down. You will constantly worry about how your bad eyesight will affect your work, how bothersome it will be to wear your reading glasses, and all other trivial things that you cannot do anything about. Feeling anxiety all the time is as bad as depression can be.  

Social Withdrawal

The worst mental health issue or more likely a result of several mental health issues – Social withdrawal. As you feel depressed with your worsening eyesight, your dependence on others and all the anxiety will make you feel that it will be better if you stay alone. You will start avoiding your friends and family. You will sit on the corner benches while dining outside. You will avoid making contact with outsiders and slowly just cut off all the social life. 

Ways to improve your eyesight and mental health

Mental health issues are growing day by day and at an alarming rate. With the pandemic going, it has only gotten worse. In such a day, how can we improve our eyesight and mental health issues?

1. Get regular eye tests

Getting your eye test done regularly will help you in knowing how bad it is actually getting. It’s better to know than to stay in the dark. With regular eye check-ups, you can know how to improve your eyesight. You will be able to know if your changed diet or yoga exercises are having any effect on your eyesight.

One good news for you. You can get a free eye test done at Specscart’s store. You can even get an eye test done at your home at no cost. Doesn’t that reduce some of your worries over finances?

2. Reduce your time spent on digital screens

If you binge-watch soap operas, you need to stop that ASAP. Watching movies or series for hours is a favorite hobby of many but that gives you eye strain and also worsens your eyesight. Reduce your time spent on digital screens. By digital screens, I mean every single one of them altogether. Not only such devices strain your eyes, the blue lights emitted from them, affect your sleep cycle. If you are having difficulty falling asleep, the reason can be your long hours on your digital screens. There can be many reasons for insomnia. Stress can be one. Other health issues can also lead to insomnia. Reducing your screen time can relieve your eyes from excessive exposure to blue lights. This can help a little bit with your insomnia.

You can try out blue light blocking glasses. These glasses will block out all the blue light emitted from your digital screens. If your work requires you to sit in front of a computer for hours, you should get your prescription glasses made in blue light glasses. Even with perfect vision, blue light glasses will help in keeping your perfect vision perfect.

3. Take on healthy lifestyle choices

If you smoke, you should consider quitting. You must have heard plenty of people advising against smoking. You can tell them off by saying that smoking helps you in handling your stress. But really? Does it? You are stressed out because of your deteriorating eyesight. Plus smoking is giving you bad eyesight and other diseases. Be wise one and try quitting for real.

Heavy drinking can also affect your eyesight too. Reduce your drinking and you can avoid many health issues.

4. Do morning exercises or yoga

Do you sleep for long or fall asleep only in the morning. Change your habit and start exercising in the morning. This will be good not only for your eye health but for your mental health as well. By having to wake up for morning exercises you are changing your dull and monotonous daily routine. Your stressed mind will welcome such change and your mood will be uplifted. 

Try to do yoga. Yoga has many miraculous effects on mental health. By doing yoga you can improve your mental health. By doing meditation you can get rid of your anxiety and also handle your stress well.

5. Healthy diet

A healthy diet can improve your health. Quite obviously, you can improve your eyesight by eating healthy food. You can eat food rich in vitamin A, omega-3. Eat green leafy vegetables, carrots, citrus fruits, fishes, fish oil, and hemp seeds. These are nutritious food that can help in improving your eyesight. Also reducing your consumption of fast food can help in getting rid of many health issues and not just your mental health.

6. Wear stylish glasses

Many women find shopping quite liberating. Try wearing stylish glasses. You can improve your image and also uplift your mood. Have you heard people cutting their hair after a bad breakup, or changing their whole wardrobe for a change? This is similar to that. You can change your old boring glasses with some cheap glasses online. Some quirky and vibrant glasses can uplift your mood. Some hipster glasses with your ripped jeans. Better, you can throw away all your old clothes and change your whole look. No more monotonous life but a fun and quirky vibe with your bohemian style.

You can buy online glasses to match any look you want. You can be chic and elegant or stylish and funky. 

Try changing your look for a better outlook.