Why do I need Varifocals?

Why do I need Varifocals?

Varifocal glasses are a modern innovative step towards enhanced eye vision. Eyesight is one of the most important and vital parts of survival. We all face eyesight problems in our future as eyesight weakening is certain to happen with age. Varifocal glasses are also used for treating a vision difficulty for people over the age of 40.  

What happens to our eyes with age?

Our eyesight also gets old with us. The crystalline lens in our eyes is responsible for one-third of the focusing power of the eye. The lens is flexible, and its curvature is changeable with the influence of the ciliary body. When the eyes change curvature, the lens gets thicker and the power increases so that your eyes can focus on objects at different distances. However, when you get older the lens of your eyes loses it elasticity and gets stiffer that can’t focus at a distant object. Since your eye’s flexibility goes away, you get a blurry vision for up close and distant objects. This type of vision condition is called presbyopia which is a refractive error and you start to notice it in your early 40’s. To overcome presbyopia, varifocals lens glasses are often suggested to again be able to see clearly. 

What are the symptoms of Presbyopia?

You might start to notice indications of presbyopia in your early 40’s as you will suffer from a blurry and unclear vision of objects. You will start holding objects to a different distance to see clearer. One of the most common things with presbyopia is people have immense trouble seeing the small print on their smartphones or while reading a newspaper. People with short-sightedness glasses will also face vision blurs at nearby distances. Having presbyopia is completely normal and something that everyone will face while ageing, it is a normal and natural ability to lose focus at nearby distant. You are not the only one with this presbyopia as there are almost 1.04 billion people present around the world with presbyopia. In the UK, there are approximately 4.67 million people who are aged between 40 to 50, the greatest number of any age group. The UK contains the most amount of aged population out of every age group and that means that presbyopia will be a common optical condition in the next few years.

When you notice a change in your vision?

It’s always advisable to undergo a regular eye examination every 2 years unless suggested with your doctor. However, when you start to see any changes in your vision you should book an appointment for an eye test and get your eyes checked with an optician. It’s very easy to detect Presbyopia during a normal eye test, where the optician can test the sharpness of your vision at different distances. Presbyopia also grows over time hence going for a regular eye test is important to ensure you are wearing the right glasses prescribed by your doctor.

How to Treat Presbyopia?

Presbyopia could be treated with varifocal lens glasses or reading glasses. Varifocal glasses are the most popular method of treating presbyopia. The varifocal lens has two types of prescription embossed in one lens for reading and distance. Varifocals have the power to get rid of using two different glasses for correcting different vision. Varifocals lenses are also a modern solution towards great transition vision as compared to the traditional bifocal lenses which had a visible line separating two lenses. Varifocal Lens has no dividing lines in the lens and also provides intermediate vision. 

Varifocal lenses are the most popular solution for a seamless transition between all distance and better eyeglasses for adapting to our modern lifestyle. The topmost part of the lens gives you a distant view, the narrow middle part provides the intermediate distance for computer work and the lowermost part for up-close distance view for reading.

If you have hit 40 and started to face blurry image for objects at a close-up distance, then you must get a pair of varifocal glasses prescribed by your ophthalmologist. Don’t worry you can get these glasses from Specscart that too within 7 to 10 working days. Specscart provides immediate online solution against your search of varifocals. 

Wearing Varifocal Glasses – Get online Varifocals

You can get a comprehensive eye test done at Specscart’s Walkden Store and Bury Store, that too free of cost. Yes, you need not shell out a penny for undergoing eye-test at both the Specscart’s stores in the UK.  Alternatively, you can book an appointment to get eye-check done with our expert optometrist for eye-test at home and get your brand new prescribed glasses varifocals. If you are busy with your work and can’t find a free day for an eye test, then Specscart provides a suitable solution with the eye test at work. 

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