Best Type of Sunglasses for face shape women

Best Type of Sunglasses for face shape women

Sunglasses for face shape

Sunglasses have always been a fashionable accessory for blocking out the haters aka the sun UV rays but also getting the James Bond look. Sunglasses for face shape gives us a badass and dapper “way to cool for you” look that makes it an iconic hot trend. There are so fewer things in our purses that make us look fabulous while giving protection, even your sunscreen can’t do that what sunglasses exhibit. Now that we all adore sunglasses and generally wear to display style and coolness however you must match them with your face shape. Yes! You heard that right, face shape plays a great role in determining which type of shades you need to wear for looking like fresh out of the runaway model. If you aren’t already doing that, read on to find the right type of sunglasses according to your face shape. 

Best Type of frames and Design of Sunglasses for face shape women

Round Face Shape- Wayfarers or Square Frames

Round shape face in a female is quite common and if you got it then we suggest you opt for either rectangular, square or wayfarers sunglasses. You need shades with a shape that gives you an edge and angularity in your face. Hence wayfarers and square sunglasses balance your round features and elongate your face but don’t go for oversized. A round face looks great with these frames as they highlight their cheekbones and brings out the eye area. You look adorable and elegant with these sunglasses so go ahead and pull them off.

Oval Face Shape – Anything of your Desire

Oval face shape individual is the lucky human beings on the earth in terms of sunglasses. An oval face has already got beautiful angularity and cheekbones that would only look more fabulous when you pair it with an exquisite pair of any kind sunglasses. Cat-eye frames are good for when you are going for a foxy look. So there is not really any fashion tip associated with this face type as you can rock out a classic round John Lennon glasses, wayfarer or Clubmasters. However, don’t go for thick frames sunglasses as they will cover up your petite face shape and look overlapping. 

Square Face Shape – Round Frames

Square shape has a bit of angularity in their face and therefore need a contrasting shaped pair of sunglasses. Round glasses are best for square face shape to balance out the angularity and soften the upper forehead area while also highlighting the sharp jawline. Round Frames do the right job to soften the edges and make you look fabulous. However, don’t go for square or rectangle frame sunglasses ever as they don’t give justice to what your face really wants. It wants something different to balance out and remember to find the right proportion to your face size. 

Triangle Face Shape – Aviators or Round Wayfarer

Triangle shaped face is in an inverted triangle shape. An inverted triangle means that your topmost part including your forehead is wider and it gradually narrows down to the chin. Triangle face shape needs classic aviators or wayfarer sunglasses for women face shape as it completely highlights their eye area and bestows off your cheekbones. Round wayfarer softens the uppermost angularity and balances out your features perfectly.

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