Are Varifocal glasses suitable for computer work?

Are Varifocal glasses suitable for computer work?

The global dependence on computers is no way near to decrease instead we spend almost 45% of our active life using a proliferation of these techniques. We really can’t escape electronic devices such as computers from our lives, they are increasingly becoming a crucial part of our life. Most people spend more than 8 to 10 hours of their day sitting in front of computers, sending emails, listening to music, surfing the internet and performing occupation tasks. If you use varifocal glasses to view and what to know if they are the right choice for computer work, then you have reached the right place. Learn more about general varifocal glasses and glasses for computer work.

What are Varifocal Glasses?

Varifocal glasses are also called as Progressive glasses due to their advanced and modern evolution towards better eyesight. The glasses lenses are designed for allowing you to view different focal lengths such as far and near without any visible line. They change the viewing experience from the top of the lens to the bottom allowing you to see at different focal lengths. A varifocal lens is used by an individual with two prescriptions on for distant and near view. Used for various people with the age group above 40 years to overcome the complication of reading and seeing a far distant object.

Varifocal glasses are used to view near objects and also get good vision at distant objects, people suffering from myopia and hypermetropia which generally begins when you start to age. With the help of varifocal, you can use them to view far objects as well look closely at new distant and continue your daily life with ease and comfort. They are an upgraded option as compared to bifocal glasses which used to display the reading segment or the dividing line which wasn’t appreciated in terms of aesthetics and visibility. Learn more about the difference between bifocal and varifocal lenses?

Varifocal glasses suitable for computer

How Do Varifocal Glasses work?

Designed in a most advanced way that incorporates gradual change from the top of the lens which allows viewing distant portion and the bottom with multiple focal points to display things clearly at a new distance through just on a single lens.

Varifocal has got rid of the option and hassle of buying two different glasses to see distant and new objects and also from the traditional bifocals as these are purely designed towards perfection. Check the difference in the cost price of Bifocal and varifocal lens. Specscart provides varifocal lenses which don’t contain a visible dividing line but has simple jumps which lead to sudden magnification between the focal lengths allowing better functionality.

Portions of Varifocal Lens:

1: Top Most for Distant View- The upper part of this progressive lens allows viewing clear distant view accordingly to your prescription.

2: Intermediate Portion– The gap between the topmost part and the new portion is called an intermediate portion, created for view arm length objects. Also known as visual corridor

3: Near Portion – Getting a good view at up-close objects

The area of vision for far and near are not limited. These glasses are adapted as per your requirement. The different portion is designed in this pattern so that for looking for a sighted object, you can gaze via the topmost part and for reading, simply look through the bottom. The newly advanced transition makes them this generation most favoured glasses.

Occupational glasses – Alternative for Work-related Use

For computer work, you neither require far sightedness view nor near only at a limited distance. If you do a lot of computer work then occupational glasses are suitable for you. Occupation lenses or digressive glasses are used for in terms of varifocal lenses which are designed for workspaces.

It is varifocal glass but designed to provide drastically wider visual corridors than normal designed varifocals glasses. That is the only difference they have. As we mentioned earlier, varifocals lenses are designed as per your requirement and for computer-related work, the varifocal lenses are created with a wider field of vision do you get maximum clear vision up to the distance of computer. These occupational glasses are advanced designed for providing clear vision towards the computer or near-distant work that are not near but not too distant.

The name of occupation glasses is only given based on the level of the performance for which they are customized designed. This leads to the creation of lenses that fulfil your computer-related work vision and restrict good display towards the computer and near distance regions allowing great comfort. There are different working distances in the world and you can find from 1-metre intermediate setting to 4 metres vision with simplistic progression to the near side, allowing a great transition without any complication and great convenience. There was an emerging demand for occupational glasses as people spend a lot of time in front of the computer and needed a great improved visual experience for computer work hence varifocals are fulfilling the gap. These occupation glasses have mostly opted for work visual experience rather than normal varifocals.

Varifocal vs Occupational glasses – How do they compare?

When it comes to varifocals glasses people love the futuristic design and the comfort towards their day to day life. They allow a smooth transition for viewing far and new objects with great comfort and clarity. When compared to bifocals, the majority of the population is inclined towards the modern design of varifocals glasses anytime. They don’t contain any visual line and work great towards offering different distance displays. However, when it comes to the working environment, where there is an immense amount of computer use in any field of work, occupational glasses are strongly selected over the normal varifocals glasses.  After several eye examinations by an optometrist and concluding using occupation glasses alongside varifocal glasses for regular day to day to life work. The occupation glasses are necessary for computer work along with varifocal design because it soberly reduces the eye-strain and fatigue millions of employees feel while concentrating on the screens. Since occupation intermediate field of view is wider as compared to the traditional varifocal, it is one hundred per cent the number one choice for computer-related jobs. It works greatly brilliantly towards giving enhanced visual performance and comfort.

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