Should Varifocals be worn all the time?

Should Varifocals be worn all the time?

Varifocals glasses are healthy for your eyes if you have vision problems where you continuously have to use glasses to see far distant and near distance objects. The high ideal behind varifocals are getting rid of juggling three different kinds of glasses but instead switching to one spectacle that does all -reading, TV, computer, driving, close up work etc. People face a lot of problems while getting tuned with these advanced glasses and have a lot of questions regarding it. 

Varifocal glasses are entirely safe to wear all the time. It’s quite crucial that you wear varifocal glasses in the very beginning stage of application from morning until evening. The earlier you start to wear them every day, the easier it is to get used to them.

How do varifocal lenses work?

As we develop to get old, we lose the ability to focus on up-close objects, and this is an entirely natural eye condition that is certain to happen called presbyopia. Varifocal eyeglasses purpose is that our eyes can focus on objects at different distances without needing two different types of single vision glasses.  

The three essential portions of varifocal lens glasses:

  • Topmost Section – Allows seeing the distant object 
  • Middle Section – Present between the distant and near, the intermediate portion is also called a visual corridor for viewing arm length or computer work.
  • Bottom Section – To be able to see/read near objects.

How long does it take to adjust with Varifocal lenses?

People who have just started wearing varifocal lense may take a bit of time or month to get used to them and be able to like wearing them. You shouldn’t be worried about these issues and duration it is going to take because varifocal lenses accommodation in your life has a pretty high success rate and they are accommodating and efficient in this modern lifestyle.  

The wearer must give some time to be able to like to get used to their new varifocal lenses because your eyes and brain have to work together to get through the different transition powers. Since all these refractive powers are different from each other, the eye-brain coordination is not smooth. With time, your brain and eyes get used to it and start working great towards offering enhanced and efficient vision.

What to experience while getting used to varifocal glasses?

Here are the things that you’ll expect or experience while getting used to varifocal glasses. These few things are entirely natural to suffer, and they will soon go away when you get used to them. Think of them as a new laptop or a completely different brand cell phone which are better due to advanced features but are unusual than you are familiar with and with time; you’ll learn to use them correctly.

A lot of Head Movement – You’ll get to move your head more to shift from distance to intermediate to near and less moving of the pupils. 

Focus on the edges – You’ll experience that while using varifocal lenses that your vision will automatically side towards the soft focus at the edges of the lenses. 

Top four helpful tips for adjusting quickly with Varifocal glasses

Don’t swap glasses – When you are using varifocal glasses, don’t change it with single visions because it will only become hard to adjust using them.

Wear them for Longer hours – Wear your new varifocal glasses for as long as you can wear in a day even if you are not getting used to them because the excess use will benefit you in liking them.

Move your head more –Rather than just moving your pupils, try to change your head in the direction you want to look at because it will become easy for you to look.

Chin-Up  -Keep your chin up and drop your eyes down in the lens for close work.

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