5 Easy ways to stop glasses-with-mask from fogging up

5 Easy ways to stop glasses-with-mask from fogging up

Wearing masks is important. You cannot move out of your homes without covering your face. When you are a glasses user, masks become a nuisance. It hinders your view by fogging your glasses whenever you breathe out.

But you cannot leave your marks behind. With the current situation, it will be an unwise choice. But then how to avoid your glasses from fogging up. Here are few easy ways to do so –

1. Lubricate your glasses

Lubricating your glasses or moistening them will avoid the mist to form on your glasses. Before stepping outside wearing your mask in chilly or wet weather, don’t forget to moisten the glasses. You can use a variety of products to avoid your glasses from fogging.

  • Wash your glasses with soapy water Before walking out of your home, wash your glasses with soapy water. Your glasses will become lubricated and will not fog up easily. You can use shampoos, toothpaste, or shaving to clean your glasses. This will add an extra layer of moisture to the glasses. Moisture will avoid the glasses from fogging up or misting up.
  • Use anti-fog spray or wipes Spray anti-fog spray over your glasses before moving out of the home. You can use wipes to clean the mist. This method will work out for some time. If you stay outside for longer then your glasses will fog up again. You will have to keep them wiping with anti-fog spray or wipes from time to time.

2. Seal Gaps

The breath released from the gaps of the mask causes your glasses to fog up. Another way to avoid fogging of glasses is by sealing these gaps. Press on your mask to seal the gaps above your nose to leak out air.

  • Wear fitting masks Wearing a mask that is tight or fits your face will avoid your breath to come out from the gaps over your nose. If your mask is loose, then tighten it from behind and press on the nose bridge to seal the gaps. Your mask has a flexible wire over the nose bridge portion or any similar structure to fit properly over your nose. Pressing over it seals the gaps over your nose.
  • Sealing gaps by tapes If your mask doesn’t have any flexible wire or part to seal gaps, then you can use tape to seal the gaps. Use skin-friendly double side tapes on the nose portion to hold your mask in places. You can even use medical tape or athletic tape. This will put your masks in place and won’t let the air go up.
  • Wear glasses over the mask First, put on the mask, pull it up to the nose, then wear your glasses. This will seal the gaps over your nose leaving no space for air to come out.
  • Wear double masks Wear double masks one to cover both your nose and mouth and another over it to cover your mouth. Doing this will, make it airtight over your mouth. There will be no space for air to come out.
  • Wear a mask with an exhalation valve These masks let the air come out from the exhalation vibe. You can wear these masks and avoid fogging your glasses.
  • Stuff tissue over your nose bridge Putting tissue over your nose bridge will seal the gaps and will also avoid air from passing through the gaps. This method is not much effective as the tissue might fall off.

3. Anti-fog glasses

If all these methods still don’t work out, you can buy prescription glasses online with anti-fog qualities. These glasses do not fog up easily and you will have an easy time viewing without having to remove your glasses to wipe them.

4. Breathe downwards

Another method is to breathe downwards. When you are releasing your breath, just remember to breathe down and not upwards. You will have to pay attention to your breath so that your breath doesn’t come out from the top and fog your glasses. 

You can do this by placing your upper lip on top of the lower lip. This will direct the air downwards. It will be difficult at first. But after practising a few times you will be able to do it.

5. Wear lenses

Paying attention to your breath every time will be difficult. If you are in a cold place and facing this problem a lot, you can try wearing lenses. Lenses will not fog up whenever you breathe out with your masks on. 

However lenses are not comfortable for many people, you should stick to these homemade remedies to avoid your glasses from fogging. Keeping your glasses clean and moist will reduce the fogging. And wearing a fitting mask which doesn’t leak air out will surely stop this problem.

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