Why is aviator glasses considered cool?

Aviator glasses has a long and glorious history. This particular shape of sunglasses has gained popularity since the year 1936, and it’s still considered to be fashionable and trendy. It’s a safe choice for anyone who is trying to buy a sunglass which would not look out of place for any special occasion and as a daily driver as well.

But how Aviator glass gained its fame and made them cool? To know that, we have to go through some of the chapters of world history. In 1935, Aviator glasses were developed for American military pilots. Pilots back then were complaining of eye strain and fatigue due to direct sunlight and the sunglasses they wore at that time were not sufficient. 

Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses brought a welcome change for them as they seem to be working great to reduce their eye fatigue and because can be used in a bright to a very bright sunny day. Soon, it became one of the popular designs for men’s glasses, for them coming in various colours and for being best for less passing of light through the glasses. It is the case also in UK, but for people from UK it will be the best choice to shop from Specscart while in search of the best aviator glasses, for they have the widest range of varieties and amazing provisions like express delivery, home trial options, and many more.

However, like many other things, it’s the Hollywood which picked up the trend quickly and made it a timeless classic. The iconic movies like Top Gun, where Tom Cruise wore an aviator, made aviator glasses famous worldwide. The poster of Tom Cruise wearing an aviator soon became almost household thing for teenagers around the world – boys wanted to look like Tom Cruise, and girls wanted to be seen with boys who look like Cruise. Since then, the aviator glass legacy is still going strong. It got further popularized as unisex design, millions of women’s glasses with aviator design being sold every year.

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