How do you shape titanium glasses?

How do you shape titanium glasses?

Counting at the unbelievable properties of titanium i.e. lightweight, strong, durable, flexible, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic (skin-friendly), no maintenance, unbreakable and easily accessible; titanium glasses are the most sought out glasses and highly demanded. For every season and every reason, matching with your wardrobe or flaunting at your vacations, for serious board meetings or for that dinner date, titanium glasses can be a coordinated accessory for all occasions.  Buying titanium glasses amongst a huge, stylish collection of glasses for men and women have become such an easy task with lightning-fast express delivery at your doorstep.

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No matter how cautiously you preserve your glasses, you may one or the other day could press them mistakenly. Or kids may grab your reading glasses and sit on them, throw, kick them, roll them like a toy.  Unfortunately, either the lenses will die, broken and shattered or the frame may break, deform or lose its shape.  Cheering news is that if you are the lucky user of titanium frame, rest assure that the frame would not break but will need a little adjustment and re-shaping.

Since titanium glasses are overly flexible in nature; they can bend to a great degree and return to their shape. That is why titanium glass frames are also called Bendable Titanium or Memory Titanium.  Titanium glasses can be shaped by various methods and techniques for giving a comfortable fit to rest glasses on your nose and behind the ear. Nose pads and temple rest can be adjusted to shape them according to your requirement.

First of all, you need to wear glasses and analyse yourself in the mirror to understand what went wrong and which part of the eyeglass frame needs to be fixed. Alternatively, keep your defected pair of glasses on a flat surface and inspect what can be done to cure the defect. In case, the defect seems to be manageable then go ahead, handle yourself.  Care must be taken to not to put immense pressure, force, adhesive, pliers, fire etc. for shaping your titanium glass frames, else their condition may deteriorate. Instead of shaping, more damage may cause to the frame if an adjustment is done hastily or in a wrong manner.  

However, if you are confident enough that you can conveniently make a slight adjustment and shape your titanium glass frames, then follow any of the below-mentioned steps:

1)    Titanium frame seems little up on face – Slightly press the temple end in an upward direction

2)    The frame is down on face: Press the temple end in a downward direction

3)    Temple rest is tight behind the ear –  Holding the temple rest and hinges, move them outside against each other.

4)    Temple rest too loose – Move the temple rest and hinges inwards, closer to each other

5)    If glasses are falling down from the nose – Then cover the glass lenses with a microfiber cloth to prevent them from getting scratched. Firmly press the nose pads inside closer to each to the other, using your thumbs.

6)    Nose pads are being too tight – With the help of your thumbs, press the nose pads outside i.e. away from each other with gentle pressure.

7)    If one eye lens is closer to the eyes than the other – Suppose, the right eye lens is closer to eye then either bend the left temple arm out or bend the right temple arm in. Similarly, in case left lens seems closer to eye then bend the right temple arm out or bend the left temple arm in.

8)    The right glass lens is aligned higher than the left one –  Bending left temple arm will help shape the lenses symmetrical or equally align. Likewise, if left glass lens is aligned higher, bend the right temple arm to adjust.

9)    Expert help – Let the adjustment be done through experts if you fail to handle yourself or if the damage is beyond repair and require technical know-how. Your frames can be shaped again if any damage has occurred by sending them to Specscart or visiting walkden wye centre and Bury store.

Reglazing Glasses

In any case, if the frame is intact and glasses wear away, break, crack or scratch and there is nothing you can do with your favourite designer pair. Do not lose hope.  Specscart is there to heal and mend broken glass lenses through reglazing glasses.  Broken, scratch or unused glass lenses can be replaced with new prescription glass lenses or non-prescription lenses by submitting any frame. Irrespective of the kind of lenses ie. single vision lens, bifocal lens, varifocal lenses or photochromic/Transitions lenses, as long as the frame is in working condition, reglazing glasses will renew your existing frame. 

Utilising the above-mentioned methods and tips, various issues of shaping and adjustment could be resolved to pertain to the titanium glass frames owing to its unique nature of extreme flexibility.

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