What does blue light do to your eyes?

What does blue light do to your eyes?

This present era of digital civilisation has made all of us glued to either smartphones, computers, laptops, television, tablets or other digital screen devices. Although, these devices are part and parcel of our lives for good, yet there are drawbacks and risks associated with these smart digital devices. One of the harmful effects carried by these digital devices that go unnoticed is the emission of blue light and the damage it causes. Blue light is the short wavelength from 400 to 450 nanometer of the light spectrum, being visible to human eyes. It is this blue light which makes the sky appears blue.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Harmful effects of blue light on eyes

Our eyes consist of a sensitive lens that is not strong enough to filter out or block blue light at all therefore; it allows blue light to reach upto the retina.  Minimal exposure to blue light is acceptable in the day time to keep us awake, but exposure for extended hours surely rings the alarm bell. Blue light after passing through the eye lens can irreparably damage retinal cells. This blue light slowly and gradually makes us prone to :

Eye strain: staring digital screen continuously leads to fatigue eyes followed by redness, dryness, teary eyes, irritation in eyes.

Digital migraine: a throbbing headache caused due to reduced blood flow in the eye or lack of sleep

Macular degeneration: the centre of the retina deteriorates leading to vision loss  

Not only eyes, unnaturally emitted blue light decreases the secretion of Melatonin hormone in the body after sunset which consequently signals the brain to keeps us awake.  This way circadian rhythm i.e. the natural sleeping and waking pattern of our body’s clock is disturbed due to fluctuation in Melatonin hormone at odd hours.


Well, as an easy measure, blue light can be blocked by applying blue light filter glasses on the digital screen devices. Keeping blue light filter mode or reading mode turned on over smartphones, laptops, computers etc. especially during working hours, can also help in filtering out blue light to a great extent.  We cannot stop using digital devices any day, thus, to handle blue light wisely, it is imperative to wear glasses block blue light when using any of the digital devices.  

Can glasses block blue light completely and effectively?

Since it is impossible to escape from blue light which is prevalent everywhere, therefore, wearing blue light blocking glasses can shield eyes from any harmful effects and fatigued eyes besides regulating the circadian rhythm and maintaining the sleeping pattern.  

To end blue light woes, trust in Specscart’s X blue light blocking glasses which encompass the use of advanced blue cut technology while crafting crystal clear lenses. Specscart’s anti-blue light glasses block blue light 100% and guarantees eyes protection against any future ailment.  Specscart offers a wide variety of specs frames and sunglasses at reasonable prices in every shape and size you can think of including an enormous collection of glasses clear frame, colour, designs, brands and styles to choose from. When you order affordably priced specs frame with blue light blocking lenses from Specscart, you automatically get fully loaded anti UV, anti-glare, anti-scratch and shock resistance features FREE of cost.  An exuberant and sophisticated pair of blue light glasses not only chuck away blue light at bay but also give enhanced vision clarity, comfortable, stress-free and soothing eyes every time you are starring digital devices.

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