How do night glasses work?

How do night glasses work?

Do you experience difficulty in driving at night owing to the gleaming headlights of vehicles and bright street lights? Or maybe working at night gives you a headache due to extremely harsh lightening? There are many people like you who have faced similar situations and struggle to view clearly at night.   In fact, the dazzling, strong light sometimes create a halo around the source of light; which hinders the vision to the extent that viewing vehicles and other things on the road becomes hard. Apart from these blinding lights, reflections from shiny surfaces are an additional root cause of obstacle in vision while driving.  This results in a substantial number of fatal road accidents during the night. Besides, those employed to work at odd night hours have to work under artificial sources of light and digital devices from dusk to dawn.

How do night driving glasses work?

Night glasses can help to overcome the condition of vision problems by providing enhanced vision clarity at night and even day.  These glasses actually consist of anti-glare or anti-reflective coating which is able to block strong lights and reflections completely to enable eyes to focus easily on the objects.  The anti-glare coating is a thin film of metal oxide that is barely 0.02% of the thickness of glass lenses.  Their ability to increase contrast and reduce glare allows a user to see objects easier without squinting, blinking or straining eyes.

anti glare night glasses

The anti-glare coating blocks the unwanted reflections and harsh rays from passing through the inside and outside surface of the eyeglass lens. Instead, it only allows light rays to pass through the glass lenses so that the eyes can comfortably focus on the object without any difficulty.

Preciously night driving glasses are compatible for driving and working late at night because by blocking glare, it prevents headaches, eye strain or pain in the eyes and ensures improved vision clarity.

Where can you buy night glasses online?

You can buy the best night eyeglasses online at Specscart, who manufacture the highest quality eyewear with finesse at pocket-friendly prices.  The handcrafted night eyeglasses from Specscart consists of crystal clear lenses and are apt to eliminate glare with 100% result and 30% enhanced vision clarity which makes them a perfect companion while driving at night. 

Are night glasses available in designer prescription glasses?

Besides, one can select from an enormous range of eye-catching night eyeglasses including designer prescription glasses in attractive shapes, sizes, colours and style at accessible price range with express glasses delivery in 24 hours. The night eyeglasses are available in both designer prescription glasses and non-prescription glasses.  The prescription night glasses comprises a lens having power strength based on consumer’s prescription alongwith anti-glare coating, whereas non-prescription glasses do not have any power strength. To make shopping experience delighted, Specscart offers free anti-glare, anti-UV, scratch resistance and shock resistance feature on all eyeglasses purchased. 

Not only night, theses anti-glare and anti UV coated eyeglasses are equally good for driving during the day since they are able to prevent eyes from damaging Ultra Violet rays and blinding glare caused by sunshine.

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