Transition glasses – How long to change from clear to dark shades?

Transition glasses – How long to change from clear to dark shades?

Transition glasses or photochromatic glasses were invented in 1966. Since then, these glasses are wonderful to wear around. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, it gives you a comfortable vision, thanks to its adaptability to light. It has been decades, more like a half-century, since its invention, and still many doubt its efficiency. And most doubts centers around the question of how long it takes to transform from clear to dark and back. If few seconds are a lot, then it takes time. It hardly takes time to transition from clear to dark and then from dark to clear glasses.

As soon as you step out in the sun from a dimly lit room, your pupils shrink to protect your eyes from the burst of too much sunlight. You shield your eyes reflexively to protect your eyes. With transition glasses, it transitions into dark shades almost instantly and protects your eyes faster than your pupils shrinking. You will have a comfortable vision and not get blinded by the excess sunlight.

When you get back into the room, your pupils dilate to allow light to enter to let you see clearly. You feel blinded by the darkness and it takes time for you to adjust to the darkness. With transition glasses, you don’t need to dilate your pupils, the glasses clear up providing you with enough vision to see things clearly. With these glasses, you do not have to adjust your eyesight to see things clearly. It makes it a lot easier for you to move back and forth between very bright light and less light.

Other Benefits of Transition Glasses

Photochromatic lenses, apart from fast transitions, also provide complete protection from UV rays. From both UVA and UVB rays, transition glasses give full protection. The fast transition of the lenses blocks the direct light falling on the eyes as well as the UV rays in them. Needless to say, it also blocks the glares and sudden flashes of lights.

It is the best tool when driving. With normal glasses with anti-glare coating, it only protects your eyes from glasses and flashes in both daytime and night. It doesn’t protect from UV rays. It is a bit difficult to see with anti-glare light when the light is not ample. 

Similarly, with polarised sunglasses, you are protected against the sun and all types of glares, but your vision is inhibited in low light. Transition glasses have no issue pertaining to that. Wearing polarised sunglasses during the night will inhibit your vision. You can wear these transition glasses that adapt according to the light and give you a clear and smooth vision.

Who needs them?

Transition glasses are an amazing invention in the history of glasses but do you really need them? If you frequently move in out of venues or you are a very busy person that has no time to switch between sunglasses or you are simply a forgetful person that keeps losing their shades, then you should get your prescription glasses made in transition lenses. It is best and cost-effective for the glasses wearer to get transition glasses made for their prescription glasses. One because you will need to get a prescription for your sunglasses as well. And two, you will not need to carry around two cases and switching them when necessary. You will be negating the chances of losing your glasses. The more pairs you have, the more chances are there to misplace them.

Or Blue Light Glasses?

If you don’t frequent the outdoors as much as that you need to wear sunglasses or transition lenses, then you can get blue light glasses. Blue light glasses, also known as computer glasses, block blue light emissions from the computer. Transition lenses also block blue light emission. You can choose any of them if you mostly work indoors.

Transition glasses are a bit costlier than blue light glasses. For an additional £25, you can get your prescription glasses made into blue light blocking glasses. Transition glasses will cost you an additional £55 from Specscart. 

In a nutshell, Transition glasses

  1. Give smooth, clear, and comfortable vision because of its fast transition
  2. Protects from UV rays, also because of fast transition and quality lenses
  3. Protects from blue light emission because of the high quality of lenses
  4. Are convenient to wear (no need to carry sunglasses)
  5. Are stylish because of the dark shades and the gradual dark shades
  6. Are worthy of its price