Lasik Surgery & its benefits – Is it worth getting under the knife?

Lasik Surgery & its benefits – Is it worth getting under the knife?

Glasses are a hassle. A crutch to your vision. It hides your natural look. So get a Lasik surgery. To get rid of your prescription glasses.

Sounds convincing but is it worth getting surgery? Lasik Surgery doesn’t need you to go under the knife, but laser beams. But in any case, it’s your eyes that will undergo surgery. And honestly, surgery is scary. At least for me, it is. 

Let’s list out the pros and cons and know if it is really worth taking the chances.

  • Lasik Surgery is a quick and simple procedure

In Lasik surgery, a special type of laser is used to change the shape of the cornea. In the case of myopia, the cornea will be flattened. For hyperopia, it is made steeper. For astigmatism, the shape of the cornea is corrected. This procedure doesn’t require a lot of time, (about 15 mins). Your procedure will be done before you even notice. There are no stitches done on your eyes as the cornea heals on its own. You are just advised against rubbing your eyes after the procedure for some time

  • Surgery results don’t take long

After a few hours of taking your bandages off, you will be able to see clearly. It doesn’t take long for your eyes to show the result of the surgery. You will get blurry visions in the beginning but it will reduce after a while. Your eyesight will be restored in a short time.

  • You can cure your eyesight totally

You can get back perfect vision on your eyes. Most people’s eyesight can be restored completely. If your eyesight has not deteriorated a lot, you will have a higher chance of fully recovering your vision. Also, if you get surgery from a high-quality Lasik surgery facility, you can get your perfect vision back.

  • Low chances of side effects.

There are very low chances of getting side effects. Only one out ten suffer from some sort of side effects from the surgery. Lasik will not result in blindness or any permanent loss of complete or partial vision.

  • Not everyone can get a Lasik surgery

If you want to get Lasik surgery, you need to consult your doctor if you can go with this option. To get the surgery, you must not be –

  1. 18 or younger
  2. Pregnant or breast-feeding
  3. Taking any immunosuppressants or prescription drugs
  4. Suffering from progressive myopia
  5. Having dry eyes syndrome
  6. Having autoimmune diseases
  7. Having cataract in either eye

You can get a free eye test from Specscart and check if you are eligible to get a Lasik surgery or not.

  • You can have vision problems afterwards

The artificial flab on your eyes can dislodge after the surgery. This can give rise to many vision problems. You might need to go for a second surgery to get it corrected.

  • It’s very expensive 

Getting a Lasik surgery is an expensive alternative. It can cost you as low as £600 and as high as £2600. Depending on the surgeon and procedure quality, you might have to pay a hefty amount. Most health insurances, do not cover this procedure. In NHS, Lasik surgery is available only for people who have a risk of blindness. For myopia or hyperopia, you will have to loosen your pocket.

You can get an eye test to ensure if your vision defect is not as adverse as to cause you blindness. If it is, you can get coverage under NHS. 

  • The side effects can be permanent

Bad news. You might suffer from some side effects from the surgery. And some of the side effects can become permanent. Your vision might not improve or get worse than before. You might need to undergo another surgical procedure or wear glasses for the rest of your lifetime.

  1. Your vision is not corrected totally – You might not get perfect vision after the procedure. You might still have some of the defects. The power for your eyes is decreased but not totally cured. 
  1. Your tear glands get affected – Your lacrimal glands are affected by the surgery causing fewer amount tears. You will start having dry eyes. Your eyes will get itchiness, redness and you will feel pain in your eyes. You can correct this by using an artificial tear solution.
  1. Low vision at the night – Most of our vision at nighttime is restricted because of low lights. However, after surgery, you might have an issue seeing in low lights. This can be because of a refractive error in your eyes.
  1. Astigmatism – You might develop astigmatism in one or both of your eyes. This will require you to undergo a second surgery or wear glasses for astigmatism. You can order glasses online for your astigmatic eyes if you have prescriptions with you. Or you can simply get a free eye test and buy glasses online.
  1. Complications – Lasik surgery can be an easy surgery, but it can still give rise to complications. The artificial flap can dislodge, causing you a great amount of discomfort in your eyes. You might get eye infections or excess production of tears in your eyes.

If you reside in the UK, you can get an eye test from our well-experienced opticians in Bury. They are very friendly and very thorough with the test. You will not be dissatisfied. If you need to get glasses, you can try them from Speccscart. 

We also have a store in Walkden. Our opticians in Walkden are also equally nice and experienced. You can go to either location. Or just browse glasses online and get an eye test at your home.

Getting a Lasik surgery is a choice. 

You may or may not have to undergo. If you are unbelievingly pessimistic (like me – I believe I am the one person out of ten that gets the side effects), you rather not go for it. Lasik surgery can most likely cause under corrections. You will not get totally blind.

If you feel the cons outweigh the pros, then look for other simpler alternatives like glasses. You can keep on wearing your bothersome glasses. 

It can be bothersome but also convenient and will not give you side effects. 

Get a few stylish pairs of glasses and you will not feel the need of getting Lasik surgery. Your glasses don’t make you look dorky. If you feel that they are hampering your looks, just change your glasses. You might not be wearing the right style of glasses that go well with your face. Choose wisely your glasses and you can uplift your look.