How can you tell if your glasses block blue light?

How can you tell if your glasses block blue light?

You go to office daily? Work on computers for so many hours. Come home watch your fav series. Read things that interest you. And strain your eyes. Don’t you? Whatever activity you are taking part in. Overexposure to the blue light is a common story. And what’s the solution- having glasses to block the blue light. Yes, these digital glasses are the solution to all the problems related to eyestrains. But before that, you should know what this blue light really is? As with so many eyewear brands coming up with glasses that block the Bluelight. There are some quality checks that should be done. To ensure you are getting the right pair of digital blue glasses.

What is blue light and how it harms our eyes?

We know that Edison invented the bulb. Before that, there was an orange light used to illuminate the world. The candles, lanterns, campfires all had orange light. If you see on today’s time leaving those yellow bulbs. Every CFL, tube light and all your electronic devices emit blue light. This light when gets absorbed during the night time creates problems. All your eye strains, eye fatigues, dry eyes, and sleepless night are the result of overexposure to blue light.

Think like this. The sun rays also emit blue light. This blue light, when absorbed during the day, keeps you active. Ever do you feel sleepy when the bright sun shines on your head? No, the same way when you are awake at night, using electronic devices your body absorbs blue light. 

So what do to keep your eyes safe and get a healthy sleep cycle?

Glasses to block blue light is a perfect solution. But these glasses should be thoroughly checked. So how can you tell if your glasses block blue light 

  • Take a laser test: When laser light is passed through the lenses of frames that have blue light coatings they will block 90% of the light. So in this way, you will just see no light getting passed from the lenses.
  • Decide through flashlight test: Take your frames put them in front of a wall where you can observe a shadow. With the help of your phone’s light flash some light on the lens area. While doing so if the lens appears a total black then your glasses are able to block the blue light. If the lens area appears completely invisible then they do not have effective blue light filters in it. 
  • A light amber colour: Though the lenses are crystal clear. No tint is going to give you a problem. But effective coatings have a light amber or yellow colour when you see them in light.

Benefits of an effective pair of blue light

  • Say goodbye to eye strains: As 90% of the bad blue light gets blocked. The eye strains will decrease with light.
  • No macular degeneration: Blocking blue light is very important has it can harm the retina and degenerate the macular that helps us in seeing the world.
  • Happy nights of sleep: The level of sleep hormones will remain intact in your body and this will let you have better sleep even if you are using the electronic media in the night.

A pair of blue light glasses are coming up with so many advantages. Why not you too benefit your eyes today? When there are so many already in progress of trying out anti-blue glasses. But for that, you need to have an authentic eyewear brand in mind. Specscart- A Britain Born eyewear brand that has gained the trust of all in such a short span of time. The X-Blue lenses manufacturers believe in bringing the best quality blue-blocking glasses at effective prices. In this way, all can take advantages of advanced technology. 

These lenses can fit in all kind of frames. So take the eye protection of your eyes at another level. As this is the time to upgrade your spectacle frames.