Do gaming glasses really work?

Do gaming glasses really work?

Have you been playing Minecraft, Spore, Fortnite., Zelda or World of Warcraft regularly to spice up your leisure time? A huge section of society may not be knowing what these words are. Actually, these are the names of popular computer games. Which is a huge addiction and hit among masses, especially the younger generation. Whether it is day or night, the gamers can eat, drink and sleep these games. One of the best ways to utilise your free time during weekends and holidays is playing computer games.

Issues with using Computer

Not only gaming alone, let us talk about all those individuals who love to spend time on the internet through a computer, laptop and smartphones for accessing social media, making videos, etc. You may find the digital screens everywhere and surely you can’t stop gazing at them without a blink of the eye. What we do not know is that using a computer, laptop and mobiles for extended hours continuously leads to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This is one of the most common issues being faced by people across the world.

There is no doubt about the fact that a significant part of our daily routine life is spent on computers, smartphones and other monitors. Though it helps us in earning our bread and butter and at the same time provide us the pleasure through a massive range of attractive games that keep game enthusiasts hooked for hours.

What we do not notice is the fact that the screens of the monitor emit blue light is not suitable for our eyes. To the extent that this blue light has damaging effects on the eyes. Ranging from simple eye-strain and pain to irreparable retinal damage and digital migraine, this blue light is a curse for our eyes when exposed for long hours.

What is Blue light?

The screen of the computer produces strong rays of blue light that are harsh on your eyes. Because of this blue light, it becomes difficult to focus on the objects as well as the prints and images of the computer screen. Since the images that appear on the screen lack a similar contrast like the real world, there is every possibility that the eyes are forced to focus on the objects. Therefore, as the eyes are strained, it calls for several Computer Vision Syndrome. The symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome include weak and itchy eyes, blurry vision, and even difficulty in sleeping.

To summarise, the following are the major adverse effects caused by the blue light that leads to Computer Vision Syndrome:

  • Blue light is directly linked to causing damage to the retina, cataracts and macular degeneration. This is because the natural lens of the yes is not strong enough to block the blue light rays from entering the eyes and protecting the retina.
  • The extended exposure of blue light causes disturbance in the secretion and production of Melatonin hormone which causes difficulty in normal sleeping pattern.
  • Lack of sleep or disrupted sleep causes other health issues like depression, blood pressure fluctuations, low immunity, fatigue` and higher chances of developing the disease.
  • Inability to focus on the objects that cause blurry vision.

If you also experience such issues then surely you are suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome.

What are Gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses are engineered for gamers who play non-stop games on computer screens and have the chances of developing Computer Vision Syndrome. Gaming glasses are specifically designed to reduce or block the blue light from attacking our eyes. Gaming glasses are a combination of two advanced coatings on the surface of the lens. This includes anti-blue light blocking coating as well as anti-glare coating.  The gaming glasses are able to block both of them i.e. blue light and disturbing glares.

The outer surface of the lens has a blue light blocking coating which blocks the blue light so that it does not pass through the lens. Eventually, since the blue light is blocked by the gaming glasses, it fails to enter the eyes, forget about touching the sensitive retina.

Besides, the inner and outer surface of the gaming glasses has an anti-glare coating. Often, the reflections from computer screens, LED lighting etc. tend to build upon the front surface of the lens as well as behind. These reflections hinder the vision and forces the eyes to focus on the objects. Therefore, the coating of anti-glare prevents the formation of reflections and prevents glare from hindering the vision.

Do gaming glasses really work?

This is a topic of debate since decades whether the gaming glasses really work or not. A small segment of the society says that gaming glasses do no wonder and are just like any other eyeglasses. This section of the society is totally against the benefits offered by the gaming glasses.

On the other hand, a massive section of the society including the users swear by the benefits derived after using gaming glasses. Gaming glasses are said to provide the necessary comfort as well as the protection due to which the users are able to play games uninterrupted without feeling any eye-health related issues.

Where can I find gaming glasses?

Gaming Glasses should not be purchased from any optical store just like that without knowing the authenticity of the manufacturer and the quality of the products. Since gaming glasses are something you are not going to buy repeatedly. Therefore, it is recommended to buy gaming glasses from a manufacturer who has expertise in crafting the gaming glasses. Specscart is one of the best producers of eyeglasses who specialises in advanced coatings glasses including gaming glasses. They craft these glasses through blue cut technology following the highest manufacturing standards at their state of the art laboratory. Also, every product goes through strict three-step quality checking procedure to ensure that their customers are highly satisfied. Gaming glasses from Specscart are loaded with anti-glare, anti-UV as well as scratch resistance abilities for both prescription and non-prescription gaming glasses.