Author: Jannet


10 Versatile Glasses matching your look with every outfit

Glasses can turn your look around. Different styles of glasses bring out a different look. You can look stylish, fun-loving, serious, confident, professional, any look you want just by getting the right style of glasses.  You need to look different for different occasions. You have a wardrobe full of outfits to match any occasion, but […]


Clear Glasses or Tinted Glasses

Clear Glasses or Tinted Glasses  What kind of glasses is perfect? Tinted Glasses with anti-glare lenses or clear glasses made with blue light blocking lenses provide comfortable vision and clarity. You can see very clearly without getting any glares. However, for some situations, tinted glasses are apt. Read below the benefits of wearing tinted glasses. […]


Guide To Choosing Tortoiseshell Glasses and Sunglasses

The ultimate guide to tortoiseshell glasses and sunglasses Tortoiseshell glasses are ageing like a fine wine – getting better and only better with time. They are classic and if you are looking for a timeless piece of fashion, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful tortoiseshell frame. Known for the rich vibe smeared in brown […]


Improving Your Diet for Your Eyesight

Diet plays a major role in defining our overall health. It acts as the building block for our body and lays the foundation for our physical and mental well-being. Now, I hope it makes sense to point out that eating the right food is essential for our eyes as well. It may be the right […]