The Choice Between Designer & Prescription Glasses

The Choice Between Designer & Prescription Glasses

Whether you need vision correction or not, eyeglasses are accessories that are hard to ignore. They are practical and high in fashion these days. There are a myriad of options you will get to see in both online and offline eyewear stores. Eye-catching patterns, styles and colours are always on the top of the new frames. Prescription and designer eyewear both serve different purposes and have their benefits. It is good to have some insight into the different types of glasses whenever you are looking for a new pair. Information can lead to better decisions when choosing designer or prescription glasses.

What are Prescription Glasses?

Prescription glasses are those that are meant to solve different vision problems like Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia and Astigmatism. Nowadays, overexposure to digital screens is very common resulting in headaches, eye fatigue and leading to poor vision. Glasses made according to your prescription reduce all these symptoms and help you see clearly. Read on to get some awareness about the different features of prescription glasses.

Lens Options: Prescription glasses offer different lens options to correct both near and distant vision. They come with a single-vision lens for either near or distant vision problems. If you need correction for both reading and distance vision then you can go for bifocal lenses. You also have the option of progressive lenses which offers a smoother transition while switching between various distances.

Lens Coatings: You can select different coatings in prescription glasses and get the protection you want. There are multiple coatings available for eyeglasses like anti-scratch, anti-UV and anti-glare coatings. Anti-glare coatings are what you can choose for protection against the glare coming from lights which help you in night driving or taking better pictures. Anti-UV protects against the harmful rays of the sun while anti-scratch ensures you enjoy your glasses without damage for a longer period. You can also select other coatings like blue-light filters, sunglasses tints, and other coatings based on your requirements.

Durable Materials: Prescription glasses come in different kinds of materials like polycarbonate, TR90, acetate, titanium, stainless steel and wood. Wearers can choose these according to the flexibility or durability they need in a material while performing their day-to-day tasks. Frames made of TR90 offer flexibility while playing sports.

What are Designer Glasses?

Designer glasses are made to serve the fashion needs of glasses wearers. Designers craft them in attractive patterns that make them a high fashion accessory. These glasses are made of more high-quality materials to make a long-lasting impression on people who wear glasses to make a style statement. People can wear them either for safety, style or the below-mentioned reasons. 

Superior Quality: A designer glass frame is made with superior quality and does not break easily. It is expensive so you should buy one that is suitable according to your face shape and style. These frames also come with a warranty and do not get scratched easily.

Design and colours: Designer frames are made to suit different fashion choices. Wearers want their glasses to go well with their outfits and they look for various designs and colour options. Glasses made by renowned designers come in thousands of eye-catching patterns, styles and vibrant hues. They come in different frame styles such as rimless, full rim and half rim to suit both professional and casual looks. You can also customise them according to your style preferences. It is easy to find a pair that suits your outfit and personality.

Express Your Individuality: Designer glasses help you express your unique personality and style as there are many options. You can catch on with the latest trends which celebrities are wearing and choose a style that matches your fashion language.

If you are thinking of getting a pair of designer glasses and do not wish to spend a lot, you can check out Specscart. They offer premium quality designer glasses with free prescription lenses starting at £29.99 along with free 24-hour dispatch. The included lenses are also premium quality and come with free anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch, and impact-resistant coatings. 

Take Care Of Your Designer and Prescription Glasses

Proper lens hygiene is important whether you are buying designer or prescription glasses. You must take proper care of your glasses because improper handling can lead to scratches and damage. Your eyewear won’t last long and dirty lenses can also affect your vision. Even if you wear designer glasses just for fashion, dirty lenses can create eyesight problems in the future. Here are a few steps you should take to clean your eyeglasses.

Rinse Your Eyewear –  Wash the lenses of your glasses with warm water before cleaning them with a cloth. This will help remove the dirt thoroughly and reduce the chances of scratches. Do this every morning so that it becomes a part of your routine.

Use a Spray – Avoid using an antibacterial soap or dishwasher while cleaning your glasses. Spread the proper cleaning solution over your lenses and then start cleaning.

Wipe away the dirt –  Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the dirt off your glasses. Never use a tissue or hankie. Do it slowly so that your lenses are not scratched.

Keep your glasses safe –  Never put your glasses downwards as the lenses can get scratched. Always put them with lenses upwards and store them in a box. Once you place them inside a proper case, dirt and debris can not enter.