Top 5 Eyewear Brands In Walkden: A Walk Through The Lane Of Fashion  

Top 5 Eyewear Brands In Walkden: A Walk Through The Lane Of Fashion  

Everyone prefers a bit of luxury and a tag of the brand, and not to deny the fact that these brands are at the forefront. When it comes to brands, the way people perceive glasses has changed a lot and this is exactly how the eyewear industry came to the forefront. 

Eyewear gained a position of being a super intimate fashion accessory that has evolved to the pedestal of a necessary pick in the present time. The growth of the eyewear industry in both offline and online sectors led to the emergence of various brands. It was more or less targeted to cater to the needs of the increasing demand of the population and the growing requirement for the glasses as a fashion accessory as well. 

You might find hundreds of brands online and even offline, but with a lot of options to choose from one question that will definitely pop up is, which brand should they prefer to trust with their eyewear needs. 

When we specifically talk about Walkden, the people around will be looking for the glasses store in or around the area that would ensure the utmost quality and comparatively cheaper prices as well. 

You might find multiple stores walking around the area but how would you channel the best one out of it? Well, we have found a perfect solution for that, with the help of the expert and extensive research on the industry, we have spotted a few brands out in Walkden that you might find helpful for your next glasses purchase there. 

Top 5 eyewear brands in Walkden

Now you do not have to go around in search of a brand that will speak for your eyewear needs as this will definitely cater to your needs for the future.


In the booming era of giants, this small business has been establishing its name in the global domain. The Manchester-born start-up has been thriving ever since its birth in 2017 and has made a popular name of itself in the UK.   

The journey of this small business is as inspiring as a successful start-up where they build a literal brand by just understanding the basic needs of a person. They identified three major issues persistent with various brands unreasonably high prices, poor turnaround time, and lack of access to the choices available. Specscart smartly tackles all these issues with competitive pricing and high quality, easy access to the products available at the store, and delivering the glasses in 24 hours’ time. These three features became the flagship feature of the brand. 

The issues that were quite common and frequently faced by the customers were solved in a short time and with smart services. Apart from these unique features, they own a range of designer glasses including their in-house brands Tom Archer, Marc Fabien, and Acoustics. 

Do you wonder how they could deliver glasses in just 24 hrs’ time? Well, they have their in-house laboratory in Manchester that focuses on getting glasses at super fast speed with utmost quality with the help of their expert lab technicians with more than 20 years of experience.  

Their range of glasses stretches from sports collections to the designer to kids collections. The next best thing is that they also offer a free home trial where one can order the trial of 4 glasses, 3 lenses, and 7 days to try on the frames and one can order a fresh pair of glasses when they have selected one. 

They have their stores in Walkden, Bury, and Urmston and they also have a good e-commerce presence as well, so you can just order them online as well.

Vision Express

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, Vision Express has aimed to remain the same and to provide the very best service and tailor-made needs within a warm surroundings. They even offer free delivery service above £35 order, this is not just where their services end. They even offer free lifetime servicing service and even 100 days returns, this automatically increases the reliability of the brand. 

They offer a massive collection of eyewear and that too at comparatively reasonable prices. Their lifetime servicing includes adjusting frames, tightening screws, and even glass polishing. You can definitely give a visit to their store at Walkden.


Starting in 2005, the brand has been a very own favourite of Manchester, with its optical store near Walkden, they become one of the top contenders in the eyewear industry with unmatched style. 

They have aimed to change the vision of the world one face at a time, with the help of the finest and independent designers from around the world, they have been focusing on bringing in some authentic and stylish glasses with them.

Aiming to bring in some serious radical changes, they brought up the real eyewear solution, with over 15 years of experience and expertise in the field their eyewear collection is absolutely unmatched. 

Yates and Suddle 

These people have the exact solution for your eye care needs, is a brand that is built over years with the trust of the local community and with exceptional eye care. Completely independent, the brand has focused on providing the best and most flexible optical solutions for you. 

They ensure you have the best possible service and great value for money at their multiple stores across Manchester. Looking for something statement with high fashion designer glasses or something traditional that covers your everyday needs easily? They have every frame that suits your needs just starting at £59. 

District Opticians

Established in 2004, they are providing excellent and class optical services. Both NHS and private patients can visit the optical store at Walkden. They are independent practitioners with a reputation for reliability and services. For your designer glasses needs one can actually visit them, personally and select from the range of glasses they offer.