Thin Lenses: Innovation Meets Comfort And Style!

Thin Lenses: Innovation Meets Comfort And Style!

Lenses are undoubtedly the most integral part of your eyeglasses. By using the principles of light, lenses work swiftly to provide sight correction for various types of defects. But glasses are not just a sight correction device but also a fashionable accessory in present times. Hence, it is imperative that your lenses help you enhance the visual appeal of your glasses. This is where thin lenses come into picture. Let’s understand thin lenses in detail.

A bit of science!

Before talking specifically about thin lenses, it’s important that we understand some concepts of science, related to light. It is the concept of refractive index that we need to discuss before moving ahead. 

By evaluating the ratio of the velocity of light in a particular medium to the velocity of light in vacuum, we get the refractive index of that particular medium. In layman terms, it measures the amount by which light rays bend when it passes from one medium to another. This phenomenon of light rays changing its path from its original straight path is known as refraction. Higher the refractive index of a medium, more will be the refraction when light enters into the medium.

We also need to understand the basic principle behind which our eyeglasses work. To provide sight correction, our glasses refract the light falling on it. The angle by which the light is refracted depends upon the prescription of our lenses, Higher the prescription, more will be the amount by which the light rays need to be bended/refracted.

Thin lenses : What?

Lenses are made of different materials. Each material has a fixed refractive index. So if we need to achieve a higher refraction using a specific material, it can only be done by increasing the thickness of the lenses. But, what if we instead choose a material which has a high refractive index. By doing so, we can actually have lenses that are relatively thinner. This is where thin lenses come into picture.

Thin lenses are lenses made of material with relatively higher refractive index. Hence, they are also known as high-index lenses.

Advantages of thin lenses

The most amazing benefit of the thin lenses is that they don’t compromise at all on the visual appearance of your glasses. Instead, they enhance it – thanks to their slim and edgy looks. They also don’t obstruct the eyes from being visible to the people you come across. 

Thinner the material of the lenses, the lighter their weight. By using thin lenses, we can shed off some weight from our spectacles and keep them light and easygoing on our heads.

Who requires thin lenses?

Thin lenses are the most suitable option for those who have a high prescription for their lenses. Using thin lenses in such a case will not only make your glasses comfortable but also keep it slim and stylish.

You might be finding it tough to carry your glasses, if you have to put it on for a significant portion of your day. You can upgrade to thin lenses to make your glasses lightweight and it’s assured that your issues will get resolved.

Are thin lenses expensive?

With so many benefits that thin lenses have to offer, it is natural that the price will lie at the higher end of the spectrum. However, thin lenses are a magical creation and the investment in it is totally worth it. If you choose to buy glasses online, you are sure to make more savings.

Best frames for thin lenses

There is no doubt that thin lenses in itself are elegant. But for your glasses to be stylish, you will require to pair your thin lenses with frames that enhance their beauty further. Here are the best options.

Metal Frames

The sleek metal frame glasses are an outstanding option for equally sleek thin lenses. Pair them to get that sophisticated look that sets you in a style zone of your own.

Rimless Frames 

To show off thin lenses and put the focus only on them, there is nothing better than a pair of rimless glasses. The almost invisible frame will make your lenses the centre of attraction and also highlight your eyes to perfection.

Round Frames

Round frames are a great option for those with angular face features. And an even greater option if you have chosen thin lenses. The retro style radiates confidence and intellectuality.

Oversized Frames

Now that you have got thin lenses by your side, you have the complete freedom to try out the classic oversized frames. The larger the size of your glasses, the more attention the edgy thin lenses will grab.