How to make your personality shine with your glasses?

How to make your personality shine with your glasses?

Do glasses make you look more emo, edgy? You often hear people say, ‘why are you overhyped about everything’ even though you are not. Your appearance makes people say that you overreact. 

Or people tend to stay away from you. Your close friend says your stoic face makes people run away from you. If you are in sales marketing, you might be barely reaching your target. People suggest you change your job. Maybe changing glasses can help.

Glasses are supposed to uplift your personality. If they don’t, pop in contacts or choose the better ones that do.

Well, then there’s the big question of how to choose glasses matching your personality without looking the odd one out. If you know the big five personality traits, then you can find out your glasses just fine.


How open are you? If you are on the high side, you are creative, open to changes, like new things, and easily adapt to changes. I am on the high side too. The downside is that I get bored too easily as well. 

For your creative genes, you might love trying new specs every few months. But your pockets don’t allow. Worry not; you can try on cheap glasses online. And they are no way cheap in looks. 

Since you are very open to new things, you might find yourself getting more confused as you browse the catalogues. Or yawn as there are no new ones to amaze you. Try them in a different colour. 

You can try virtual try-on or order them for a free trial. With your personality, you might love to look chic, elegant, poised, or even hipster. You know, sometimes, you do get too creative. Just be mindful of your face shape and what goes well with your skin tone. With a plethora of choices out there, you can experiment however you want.

For starters, you can try out thick-rimmed geometric glasses frames.


You are detail-oriented. You want to keep things in order. Not a single speck can move without your knowledge. You tend to worry if things don’t go according to your plan. But you still have a plan B (and a plan B for plan B). The downside is you are too controlling. And the bright side is that everything goes well in your reign. 

For you, you will need glasses that are fine, poised with no speck out of order. You know what, Specscart has a whole collection for your needs. Check out the down to details collection to see what you need exactly.


For a social butterfly like you, your appearance is important. It’s the first thing anyone sees. And glasses are the best thing anyone sees. Remember, giving nicknames like glasses guy, geek, nerd, poindexter and many other that follows. With you being an extrovert, glasses just don’t go well. 

Maybe you are wearing the wrong ones. Don’t get the usual black glasses. For your high-octane genes, you need something equally dynamic. After you are done deciding the shape according to your face shape, go wild with the glasses. 

Hold your horses! Not that wild, choose vibrant colours, the ones that will glow up your appearance. You do not need a colour chart to tell you which ones to go for. Try them yourself. Maybe without the yellow lights of the glasses shop. They make even the boring ones look awesome. Check out these oversized cat-eye glasses for women. Aren’t they delight for eyes?

For men, you can try out something like thick round tortoiseshell glasses


You are kind and generous, but your appearance is stern and grumpy. Try to wear glasses that make you appear the way you are. It’s time to get rid of your thick-rimmed black glasses, gold spectacles or those stylish thin-rimmed aviators. 

Aviators make you appear bold and adventurous. I bet you don’t want to look that way all the time. You can give a try to circle glasses. You know the trendy John Lennon glasses or Korean glasses, as Z-gen calls them.

If your face is not round, you can grab these glasses and look fabulous. You are trendy, and that’s one way to get along with people. How about these? Gorgeous, right? Glasses for women, men, or anyone. Try them on, and you will know. 


The dreaded quality of all. You can be an extrovert or introvert, but your face should not tell people you stress a lot. You are worried all the time that your friends fear for you. Life is a roller coaster. It’s difficult to stay unbridled all the time. And a pair of glasses can lessen your worries a bit. (Both kinds of glasses.)

Grab a pair of glasses that can hide your worry lines and eye bags below your eyes. A chic and charming glasses pair can do wonders. Try out tortoiseshell glasses that can make you appear fun-loving and joyful. You might start feeling the same way when you interact with new people in these glasses. Try out these glasses for men. Ladies can give it a try too. Glasses become ladies glasses whenever they wear them.