Why you need glasses to protect eyes from the computer screen

Why you need glasses to protect eyes from the computer screen

Before the advent of the digital era. One used to wear glasses only if there were vision issues. The advancements with the electronic era bought the need for computer screen glasses. Remember the old times when one will wear glasses because the far-situated things were becoming a little blurry. Or the times when the glasses were used by the elderlies to see the near situated things properly. But in today’s time, people spend so many hours with their phones, laptops or computers that computer glasses have become necessities. 

Why computer screen glasses came into existence

Too much screen time is the main reason for the need of computer screen glasses. Vision issues are becoming common because if you are sitting idle you use your cellphones. If you are working it’s on laptops or computers. If you are feeling sleep-deprived you check your phone, watch some movies. Even to have some indoor entertainment many of us are playing games on the play stations or some other electronic gadget. In this way, the electronic devices have occupied a big place in our lives and are a big problem for our eyes.

In general, if you are going to ask people, 7/10 will say that they feel digital strains in one or the other way. These strains can be in the form of 

  • Dry eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Blurred-visions
  • Headaches
  •  Backaches
  • Neck pains
  • General body strains

Many people do a simple exercise 20-20-20. After 20 minutes look 20 feet away for 20secods. Or walk 20 feet away. But all these exercises seem to be futile when you have stretched working schedule. Daily, have to spend many hours in front of computers. And if any of the above-mentioned symptoms you feel. Then you do need a pair of computer screen eyeglasses

What is exactly a pair of computer screen glasses

A pair of computer screen glasses is a multi-purpose eyeglass. Wore when you have to face the electronic devices for a longer duration. Or when you are spending more than 2-3 hours with the digital screens.  A pair of computer eyeglasses have two main purposes

  • Block the glares: Your electronic screens reflect the light which produces glares. These glares when reaching your eyes yield irritations and strains. And for this, there are Anti-glare or reflective glasses. Your normal eyeglasses without any coating on them can not or sparsely block the glares.  
  • Block the blue-light: Blue-light is a part of white light which when consumed in excess has many ill-effects. All the electronic media emits blue light. This blue light is also a reason for people experiencing sleepless nights and feel tired during the day time.

A pair of blue-light filter glasses are the advanced computer eyeglasses. A pair of anti-reflective can block some amount of blue-light. Whereas, a pair of anti-blue light glasses can block a large amount of blue light. This can also help in maintaining the freshness of eyes. So get a pair of computer glasses and put the digital strains at bay!  

Already have a pair of spectacles but no protective coatings

Many times there are situations when you have a pair of spectacles by need some protective coatings like of Anti-UV, Anti-Blue light coatings on your glasses. Or the frames are fine but your lenses got scratched. On the off chance, you wish to upgrade the prescription of your sunglasses. You want your normal glasses to have varifocals on them. Wish to add some tints or prescriptions on your sunglasses. Opt for the reglazing glasses service at  Specscart. In this way, you can give a new life to your old pairs. 

Keep the strains due to computer at bay. Have a pair of computer eyeglasses. So that you can work with a sound mind, enhanced vision and appreciate the beautiful world.

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