Do anti-glare glasses help at night driving?

Do anti-glare glasses help at night driving?

Do anti-glare glasses provide any benefit? How many times while driving from work or party, you experienced the light intensity so high that it almost gave you instant blindness and pain in your eyes. A lot of people out there have trouble while driving at night. The street lights are getting more intense and brighter that create a high intensity of glare on our eyes while driving. People are now driving more at night and many activities of youngsters end at 10 o’s clock at night so you have to drive back home safely. Night driving has become difficult with so much glare reflecting on the drivers eyes that they are barely able to see anything. 

With the rising number of night time drivers, this complication is getting frequent with everybody and is resulting in eye strain and unclear image.

According to the latest RAC survey conducted for the night drivers’ difficulty faced at night, the following data showcases: 

  • Almost 15% of the UK drivers had suffered from a near miss situation after getting dazzled by oncoming car lights and street or traffic lights in the way. 
  • These lights are unconventionally extremely intense for the eyes to even open in their presence.
  • Other 65% of drivers said that they experienced high-intensity reflection and temporary blindness regularly by oncoming car lights and street lights. 
  • It requires almost 2 minutes to finally get back to normal again.
  • Out of 34 million night drivers almost 17 million struggle to see anything at all at night.
  • Young people almost make up two-thirds of night drivers.

As a result, when you drive at night, you are most likely to experience such dazzlement by the headlights and street lights. All these bright LED lights and xenon cause glare in our eyes that result in temporary blindness. Due to the constant dazzling of lights and blurry vision, it caused many drivers to experience dangerous situations. Even when there is moderate intensity of light and when drivers try to see through them, it causes eye strain and headaches.

Well, to resolve such complications and reduce severe danger while driving, anti-glare glasses for night driving were created to block out the glare and pave for a clear image. 

What are anti-glare glasses and how do they help?

Anti-glare glasses are also called anti-reflective glasses or AR glasses. Glasses with anti-glare coating block out or reflect harmful glare from all our surroundings and let only the clear light to pass through. With all the reflection from the surrounding falling on your eyes, you are most likely to experience unwanted glare from lights. These lights don’t allow other lights to pass in our eyes and cause temporary blindness that makes it hard for you to see anything. 

The anti-glare coating is done on the front and back of the lenses that virtually reduce reflection from everywhere. When the reflections are reduced or eliminated completely, you visualize a clear image because more light passes into your eyes without any distractions. Anti-glare are equally great for aesthetics because they are absolutely clear and hence look pretty neat and visible on your face. 

How do anti-glare glasses help at night driving?

Night driving is exceedingly common now, almost everyone is coming back from work, party or meeting. Since people face glare while driving, it causes a lot of problems and even led to a few accidents happening due to unclear image formation however anti-glare helps to eliminate such impacts. Anti-glare glasses worn at night prevent these glare from falling on your eyes. It further removes or blocks out these harmful glares from the front or back street lights and headlamps. 

When there are no reflections on the surface of your eyes, you see perfectly clear and successfully drive carefully all night with clear vision. Anti-glare reduces the possibility of any vision distortion, eye strain and also accidents. Anti-glare glasses should be worn while driving by everyone to prevent such severe conditions and have safe driving experience. You can get an anti-glare coating on your prescription glasses if you use on or just glasses with anti-glare to take active protection while driving.

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