Cheap & effective Gaming Glasses in the UK for pro gaming

Cheap & effective Gaming Glasses in the UK for pro gaming

Gaming all day is fun. It will be more fun if your eyes do not hurt while gaming. Long hours of staring at a computer screen can affect your eyes. The blue light or the high energy visible light emitted from the screen takes a toll on your eyes. It can cause eye fatigue, strain, dry eyes, headache, blurred visions, and even insomnia.

You might play on your mobile or your computer because you are having a hard time falling asleep. The longer you play, the far away your sleep gets. You are tired both mentally and physically but you still can’t fall asleep.

This is because blue lights from the computer that disrupts your sleeping cycle and gaming glasses can help you in curbing these problems.

How gaming glasses can help?

Gaming glasses are specially made glasses that block blue lights coming from the high-resolution gaming screen. Most blue light glasses only block up to 60-90 per cent of blue light emission. These are not effective in regulating your sleep cycle. You can use these as normal glasses but for your gaming needs, you will need glasses that will block almost all of the blue lights.

X-Blue UV, blue light blocking glasses from Specscart are the best gaming glasses in the UK with 99.99 percent capability of blocking these blue lights. These lenses make effective gaming glasses. Wearing these helps in reducing your eye pain, fatigue, or strain. You won’t get a headache and your sleep will get regulated.

How Gaming Glasses will help in your gaming?

Gaming glasses not just give you a comfortable vision but also gives you a clear vision better than regular glasses. If you are a glasses user, you can see the difference in the clarity. You will see more clearly with distinction in between colours. Your colour perception will improve. This will improve your efficiency in your game. You will be swift in your game as you can easily see your targets.

By blocking the blue lights, gaming glasses or blue light glasses will give you smoother glare-free vision. This will not let your eyes get strained. Your eyes will not get tired easily and you will be able to play a little longer. If you are participating in a competition, you will not be hindered because of your hurting eyes. 

Also, these glasses can regulate your sleep cycle. If you are suffering from insomnia, wearing these glasses can regulate your sleep cycle. After your sleep cycle is regulated, you will not feel sluggish all the time and you will be able to think clearly. This also helps in increasing your gaming efficiency. Your party members will be impressed by your effectiveness and will pester you to play with you all the time.

Also, when you are no longer affected by insomnia, you will always wake up refreshed the next day. If you are preparing for a game competition, you will be in the best condition, active and confident.

How expensive are gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses can be expensive if you are looking for stylish, cool and professional looking glasses. However, you can get cheaper gaming glasses with effectiveness as the best quality gaming glasses. X-Blue UV costs only £25. You can get a cheaper frame and get your gaming glasses under £100. 

The frames in Specscart are in no way subpar and are of high quality with stylish and durable frames. If you require your gaming glasses with a prescription, you can get your gaming glasses made in the best quality lenses. If your prescription power is very high, you can still get efficient gaming glasses with ultra-thin lenses. Buy glasses online from Specscart and choose from the hundreds of stylish frames.

X-Blue UV comes with an anti-UV coating, you can use these glasses as regular glasses and wear them outside as well.

If you TLDR-ed, then, in a nutshell, gaming glasses will help in

  1. Giving a comfortable and clear vision
  2. improving efficiency with a clear vision
  3. Reducing eye strain and fatigue
  4. Preventing blurriness and double vision
  5. Preventing headaches
  6. Playing longer hours
  7. Regulating your sleep cycle and you will feel refresh and active
  8. Improving your efficiency by making you active