Can I Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses All Day?

Can I Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses All Day?

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How many hours do you spend daily in front of the computer or laptop? How often your head is tilted down towards your mobile phone? Do you enjoy watching television in your spare time or playing with Xbox? Well, it is expected that the answers to the above questions would go something like -you cannot spare the mobile phone even for half an hour away from yourself. Or you spend 8 to 10 hours a day at work staring laptop or computer. Right? Then how can you even think of not wearing blue light blocking glasses to view all the digital devices that you are exposed to throughout the day?

Indeed, anyone can safely wear glasses for blue light all day. We are generally in the habit of keeping mobile phones around us and we keep checking it every now and then. Since we spent a major part of our day with mobile phones and laptop, we require protection against our eyes. Protection for further harm from blue light rays. Protection to let the eyes stay perfectly fine. 

Negative Effects of Blue light

negative effect of blue light

Blue light is nothing but the short-wavelength rays of the light. It is present in the sunlight as well as emitted from the digital devices. This blue light is actually very cruel towards our precious eyes. It is capable of causing several eye issue like making eyes fatigue, painful, teary, red and weak. Blue light is also responsible for causing digital migraine among some people who have to work for extended hours continuously with the laptop or mobile, usually at the workplace./ Besides, this evil blue light may even lead to higher chances of developing cataract or retinal damage.

Protection from blue light blocking glasses

blue light filter glasses

Nothing can beat the benefits derived from the glasses with blue light. They not only block the damaging blue light from entering our eyes but they also prevent the occurrence of any future eye-health issues. Eyeglasses manufacturers such as Specscart create anti-blue light blocking glasses using blue cut technology. These glasses are able to successfully block 99.99% of the harmful blue light at the lens itself. Since the outer surface of the lens consists of blue light blocking coating, the blue rays are blocked there itself from moving further. This way they can neither go to the eyes nor reach the delicate retina.

Thus, these glasses are effective in wearing for long hours or 24 x 7 just like your regular eyeglasses.  You can do all your task on la[top, computer, tablet or mobile and at the same time enjoy watching television wearing these protection glasses.  in fact, another name of blue light glasses is ‘computer glasses’. 

Try glasses before buying

Do Blue Glasses Work

Although, the blue light blocking lens look similar to your regular eyeglasses, however, you can understand the difference and benefits of blue light glasses once you try on glasses online

Specscart allows the facility of booking glasses online to try at home. You can select up to four eyeglasses from the range of glasses with various unique shapes, colours, designs and size. These glasses can be tried on a returnable basis within 7 days, free of cost.

With blue light glasses, you will experience how comfortable your eyes feel while you are hooked to digital devices. Your eyes will not be strained, tired or weak. Once you will start wearing these glasses, you will never go back to your old regular eyeglasses ever, especially when the glasses come from the trusted manufacturer like Specscart at affordable prices. Thinking of buying new specs frames, log on to Specscart and avail the ongoing 10% festival discount.

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