What should be kept in mind while purchasing glasses for kids?

What should be kept in mind while purchasing glasses for kids?

Many of you might consider purchasing glasses for kids as a super tough task, but is that the case in the real sense? That is not true at all, the very first task when it comes to choosing glasses for kids is that you must very well understand the needs of your kids. 

Children are amongst the most expressive and when it comes to any sort of uneasiness, they tend to express it as best. As parents, some of the time there are chances that these might get ignored. So the key is to understand the needs of the children. 

Unlike adults, there are chances that the children’s eyes are much more sensitive to lights such as UV rays or blue lights, but we are usually not concerned about the same. At the developing age, it is very much important that one must make sure to provide perfect protection against any odds. 

The blue light effect

You must be very well aware of what blue light is and for the ones who are not aware of the same, they are part of the visible light spectrum emitted from both the sun and the digital screen objects as well. 

Now, why are we talking about the blue light and children? With the advent of the pandemic, there has been a complete cultural shift. The work culture shifted from the desks to the beds and so does the education system. Children started studying and working from home, in front of digital screens. There is no such escape when it comes to studying from the screen and this has made them prone to exposure to blue light. These lights have the same effects on children as that on adults. It causes eye strain and fatigue, which leads to the squinting of the eyes and tension among the muscles around the eyes. 

And just like adults, they have to switch to blue light glasses, blocking the unwanted light from entering the eyes.

The effects of UV rays

Same as the effects of blue light, UV rays have also damaging effects on the eyes of the person. The damage is not just limited to the eyes but also has ill effects on the skin of the person as well. These rays could be much more damaging when it comes to the developing eyes of the children, so it is prefered to wear glasses with UV protection or sunglasses would work as well. 

Will children wear glasses?

The major question arises is, are children capable of this change? Will they be wearing glasses? Most of the time it has been seen that children are reluctant when it comes to trying glasses. It takes quite a time as they find glasses as something uncomfortable on their face. They repeatedly want them off, and not just that, children tend to be clumsy, there are super high chances that they might break or lose the glasses pretty often even if they become comfortable with the idea of glasses. 

But how to tackle such a situation? There are several options that help in making the children comfortable with eyeglasses. Let us discuss them in detail:

  • While choosing the glasses for kids, one must remember that children cannot have adult glasses, their eyeglasses are comparatively narrow and short so that they hit right on the spot. 
  • One must check out the PD measurement when it comes to selecting eyeglasses, especially for children. 
  • To thoroughly understand the need for the glasses for children, it is better to visit an optician and get a proper eye check-up and wear the glasses that are best recommended or suited there. 
  • The material used is way more important than we understand, especially when it comes to children. 
  • The material should be lightweight and comfortable and hypoallergenic if one is choosing to have a metal frame. 
  • When it comes to kids’ glasses, the best option for one would be to choose the glasses with TR90 as material. As with the constant habit of losing and breaking the glasses, one can actually be worry-free. These highly impact resistant and won’t break easily. 
  • Make sure the glasses have a perfect grip around the temples, this will prevent the glasses from falling easily. 
  • When it comes to the lenses, for children make sure to get them scratch resistant and should be made of polycarbonate material, these are more impact resistant than the usual lenses.

These are a few things that one should keep in mind while purchasing glasses for kids.