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Guide To Choosing Tortoiseshell Glasses and Sunglasses

The ultimate guide to tortoiseshell glasses and sunglasses Tortoiseshell glasses are ageing like a fine wine – getting better and only better with time. They are classic and if you are looking for a timeless piece of fashion, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful tortoiseshell frame. Known for the rich vibe smeared in brown […]


How do your glasses reflect your personality?

Do you know that a bespectacled person is more likely to be thought of as innocent and sincere? When someone is wearing glasses you perceive them as intelligent. We subconsciously think that they spent too much time reading, hence they are weak. We associate them with being inferior in strength (which is not the case […]


7 new stylish glasses to try this year

The significance of glasses is not just limited to being a medical device for eyesight correction. Nowadays, people like to wear a cool pair of prescription glasses to flaunt their sense of style and earn compliments.  Even for the people whose vision is still healthy like to rock a pair for a powerful punch of […]