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Dominant Eye – its importance & how to find

Do you know you have a dominant eye? Yes, like everyone have a dominant hand, you have a dominant eye too. You can be left-eyed, right-eyed like you are with your hands, shoulders, or legs. It’s hardwired in your brain which one to give commands first. Just like your hands, how you sub-consciously use your […]


Ptosis – Important know-how of lazy eye condition

Ptosis or lazy-eye condition is a condition when one or both eyes start drooping. The person suffering from ptosis appears to be lazy and falling asleep. But they are wide awake and the upper eyelid seems to be falling. This occurs when the person stays awake for longer hours. Some common symptoms of ptosis are:- […]


How to improve your eyesight when you are over 40?

Most people develop eyesight issues as soon as they turn 40. This occurs due to a natural process called ‘presbyopia’. It is the natural decline in vision that results in reduced elasticity of the eye lens. It doesn’t allow your eyes to move at all directions and over time, you will start to have trouble […]