Guide To Choosing Tortoiseshell Glasses and Sunglasses

The ultimate guide to tortoiseshell glasses and sunglasses

tortoiseshell glasses

Tortoiseshell glasses are ageing like a fine wine – getting better and only better with time. They are classic and if you are looking for a timeless piece of fashion, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful tortoiseshell frame.

Known for the rich vibe smeared in brown and honey yellow, these glasses add character and warmth to your look. 

If you are seeking a style that won’t fade in the background but help you make you stand out, these trendy glasses will help like nothing else. 

Are tortoiseshell glasses in style in 2021?

When did these glasses stop being in fashion? They were always and still are the most favoured style in eyewear among all age groups. 

Whether you get them in chunky acetate frames or thin metal rims for a modern spin, you will make a strong fashion statement that turns heads. 

The classic pattern has gone under a series of colourful revival in 2021. So, you have a variety of colour choices in your favourite glasses. 

What makes them stand the test of time is their versatility. The unique combination of different exotic colour gives them the ability to flow seamlessly with any outfit. And they perfectly harmonise with your skin tone to flatter your appearance. 

Different styles in tortoiseshell glasses

Tortoiseshell specs are damn cool which is why they are available in different styles. Choose the best one for yourself keeping the contours of your face in mind. 

Round tortoiseshell glasses

Round tortoiseshell glasses

Round frames are perfect for those with sharp angular features and a strong jawline. With their soothing aesthetics and retro appeal, these glasses are famous among vintage fashion lovers. 

If you like to always have the most unique accessories, get your hands on these round tortoiseshell glasses as soon as possible. To let your frames shine through, wear minimum makeup with natural eye shadow and nude lipstick. 

Tortoiseshell cat-eye glasses

Tortoiseshell cat-eye glasses

Tortoiseshell glasses have no limit when it comes to style or colours. And to prove this statement, here is this pair of tortoiseshell cat-eye glasses in brown and purple. 

If you like to go bold on accessories, you will find these glasses in good taste. And since the shape is a classic cat-eye, it will suit almost every face shape. Especially those with a round face shape, the sharp edges of this frame will add structure and balance to your profile. 

Oversized tortoiseshell glasses

Oversized tortoiseshell glasses

Oversized frames are enough to make a bold statement and when they have tortoiseshell patterns, they get a hint of sophistication. 

For all your nerdy-chic or geek glam looks, you will find these glasses in a good taste. While oversized frames flatter most face shapes, the neat square cut makes it the most suitable for round and oval facial structures. 

If you want to take the bold fashion statement to a whole new level, get oversized tortoiseshell glasses. They are easy to style and go with casual and semi-formal looks. 

Wayfarer tortoiseshell glasses

Wayfarer tortoiseshell glasses

Wayfarer style is both stylish and professional. And if you want to add a hint of class to your look, get grey tortoiseshell glasses in a wayfarer shape. The universal silhouette is accommodating to different facial symmetries and give you that professional edge. 

Add these to your office wardrobe and flaunt your personal sense of style at your workplace. Wayfarer is the ideal shape for both men and women. Black, brown or grey tortoiseshell glasses in wayfarer style makes for the perfect accessories to make a lasting impression. 

Rectangular tortoiseshell glasses

Rectangular tortoiseshell glasses

The classic rectangular shape is giving out a vintage vibe while the apricot colour is keeping things relevant and cool. 

But, you must pick the right colour based on the occasion these glasses are to be worn. Pink tortoiseshell glasses or other vibrant hues won’t work in the work environment. So go for nude or neutral shades to keep your look more mature and serious. 

Browline tortoiseshell glasses

Browline tortoiseshell glasses

Browline glasses have an intellectual vibe. Combining a classic style with contemporary patterns, these glasses will give a vintage spin to your wardrobe. 

If you want an eclectic look, opt for more exotic colours such as blue tortoiseshell glasses with splashes of yellow, brown and green. When you have such a bold accessory to handle, keep your ensemble muted to make your unique frame pop. 

Geometric tortoiseshell glasses

Geometric tortoiseshell glasses

Geometric style is still new and hasn’t become a mainstream fashion yet. If you like to stand out from the crowd, this design is for you. 

If you are a lady, pink tortoiseshell glasses in geometric shapes will give you a quirky appeal along with a feminine touch. Not only pink, but these geometric tortoiseshell frames are also available in a multitude of colours. 

For men, blue tortoiseshell glasses in geometric silhouette will take your street style looks to the next level.

How to pick tortoiseshell sunglasses?

When we think about trendy shades, the first style that comes to mind is tortoiseshell aviator sunglasses. Where aviator style looks good on most of the face shapes, the tortoiseshell pattern lends a summer vibe that’s perfect for your sunglasses. 

However, there is no limit in styles in tortoiseshell sunglasses. While aviators have been in the scene for the longest period of time, round, square and oversized frames are also making it big these days. 

From subtle to bold, warm to cool, tortoiseshell frames never fail to suit your every mood and look. Have a look at the tortoiseshell frames available online so you know about the trendiest styles and the choices you have. 

These glasses and sunglasses are affordable and have a designer touch to them that instantly makes you look expensive. From bio acetate to thin metal rims, consider the choices in the material before you select a pair.