Exciting things to do in Manchester this 2023

Exciting things to do in Manchester this 2023

Northern England’s biggest urban agglomerate – Manchester – has something for everyone. With renowned restaurant scenes, age-old architecture, and streets brimming with contemporary art, the many facades of Manchester are truly breathtaking. 

In addition, its rich industrial past, futuristic museums, and buzzing nightlight means that no one returns from Manchester with a half-baked experience. Home to writers, museums, activists, innovators, poets and world-class educational hubs – the UK’s second city is truly full of talent, opportunity and refreshment. Whether you are new to Manchester, planning a visit to the city, or desiring to rekindle your love affair with Manchester, our blog has got your back.

Best 8 Things to Do in Manchester this Season

  • Hop on to a Walking Tour

Whether you commute into the city every day or have not wandered around Manchester for years, a walking tour is a must-have on everyone’s bucket list. It is a fantastic way to get a closer and more authentic look at the city’s hidden treasures. The best part is that there are a myriad of walking tours on offer, encompassing everything from Manchester’s famous music institutions and historic street art to scrumptious food and drinks and more.

  • Visit the Library

Manchester is a UNESCO City of Literature. So, you can find an elaborate assortment of libraries, museums, and galleries all around the city. Well, the best part is that these cultural hubs have free entry or extremely affordable tickets. Some of the city’s most famous libraries, which are an absolute must-visit, include John Rylands Library, Whitworth Art Gallery, National Food Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, and likewise.

  • Visit the Parks and Gardens

Manchester is full of green spaces and parks. You can find incredibly picturesque gardens that would instantly teleport you to an Eden of beauty and exquisiteness. So, if you want to spend a tranquil and relaxing day outdoors with your friends or all by yourself, then a visit to the city’s renowned green spaces is a must. Whether it is Didsbury Park, Fletcher Moss Park and Botanical Gardens or Marie Louise Garden, you are sure to find a place that tugs at your heartstrings. 

  • Visit the City’s Iconic Pubs and Bars

From upscale rooftop terraces and subterranean drinking dens to boozers serving real ale, Manchester’s pub and bar scene is truly phenomenal. A lot of iconic pubs have re-opened their doors to the public again, such as The Deansgate, North Brewing Co., and more. So, for a fun and laid-back weekend, look no further than Manchester’s pubs and bars.

  • Check out the Towering Manchester Town Hall

One of the most exciting things that anyone can do in Manchester is visit the city’s iconic Town Hall. The Victorian, neo-Gothic municipal building in Albert Square is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable and definitive landmarks of the city. Originally launched in 1877 and designed by Alfred Waterhouse, the hall encompasses pre-Raphaelite murals by Ford Madox Brown. In addition, the Town Hall has also served as a set for moves like the Iron Lady.

  • Explore Old Trafford

One of the most exciting things to do in Manchester is take a trip to Old Trafford – home of Manchester United. You can go to the museum and stadium, whose ticket cost £25. If you have more time in hand, then a guided tour of the Theatre of Dreams will be a fascinating experience. 

  • Head to Hebden Bridge

Just 30 minutes away from Manchester’s centre, Hebden Bridge is a boho enclave that is phenomenally stunning and incredibly unique. Known for being a creative pocket, Hebden Bridge gained prominence as the go-to abode of writers, artists and poets during the 1970s and 1980s. In addition, the town has multiple independent boutiques and restaurants that are worth exploring. 

  • Take to trip to Pankhurst Centre

The very adorable Pankhurst Center harbours a little gallery and legacy focus, which remains a heritage to the Pankhurst family and the Suffragette movement. The structure was home of Emmeline Pankhurst who drove the Suffragette movement for women’s right to vote. Currently, the area is a ladies’ public venue and offers spaces to exercise and regularly hosts occasions run by ladies. So, when in Manchester, a visit to the Pankhurst Center is a must!

So, there we have it, the 8 most exciting things you can do in Manchester this 2023!