It’s annoying, right? Not being able to pick out new glasses because you don’t know which frame style works as per men’s face shape. All those stylish frames look great on the display, but would they flatter your face as well?

Being men, we don’t give much attention to details. If buy what we think looks good. But when it comes to glasses, you must buy a frame that’s suitable for your face shape. If you don’t know what I’m talking about or what are the different glasses frames for men’s face shapes, this blog is for you. Read further to unlock the best men’s frame styles for your face shape.

Glasses for different men’s face shapes

If you are new to the glasses game, you must be thinking ‘do glasses look attractive on men’? To break the news to you, glasses aren’t just attractive, most women find them damn sexy on men. But, it’s only going to be possible when you buy men’s glasses that suit your particular face shape.

If you’re looking for some guidance on which men’s glasses to choose, start with your face shape. It’ll help you decide which style to buy and which to drop.

There are so many options available in the glasses frames for men’s face shapes. I’ll help you find the best style for your natural symmetry.

Glasses for round face shape men

A round face usually has the same width and height with a curved chin and full cheekbones. To slim it down and give it a masculine edge, angular frames with flat lenses will do the job.

Consider rectangle glasses to make your face appear thin and long. If you want to pep up your outfit, try butterfly frames. These are a little wider on the outer edges and mimic the look of a butterfly. But make sure that the lenses are squared off to balance your soft features.

Chunky glasses for a round face male are a no go. Avoid them unless you want to look as if the glasses are wearing you.

Glasses for square face shape men

The square face shape in men is the sexiest of them all. Your face also has the same height and width featuring angles and a chiselled jawline.

To look more gentle and friendly, embrace the softness of round glasses. Aviator frames also offer a nice fix for your angular features. In fact, it is the best shape in glasses for square face males.

Rectangle glasses will elongate your face with narrow lenses. You can go for square frames as well but just make sure they are large and have even proportions.

Glasses for oval face shape men

Oval face shape is the luckiest as it mixes well with every frame style. Just avoid extremes! Whether angular or curvier, try any style you want. But don’t forget to give oversized glasses a shot as they are made for your perfect symmetry.

Frames with too square or curved edges will disturb your balanced proportions. Thick rim glasses will give definition to your face but make sure that they don’t overpower your face. If you’re looking for a pair that’s both casual and formal, give browline frames a try.

The best glasses for oval face males could be any style as long as it does not mess with your natural symmetry.

Glasses for heart-shaped face shape men

Your wide cheekbones and narrow chin lend you a pleasing profile. But your unique symmetry makes your face difficult to frame.

Since the narrow chin is beautifully countered by a wide forehead, you shouldn’t add too much weight to the top part of your face. Go for curved or round glasses to tone down the pointed chin.

Semi-rimmed glasses will also do the job as they are not as prominent as full-rim frames and won’t add any extra element to the top half of your face.

Glasses for oblong face male

To give your oblong face a sense of balance, seek out frame styles that add width to your symmetry. Round or square glasses will work here as long as you stick to large silhouettes.

Avoid narrow frames as they will make your face look weirdly long. Frames with mixed colours and textures will offset the length of your face and give it a bold edge. Oval and wayfarer glasses for oblong face males will also look nice against your straight cheek line.

Glasses for narrow face male

You want glasses that won’t weigh your face down but add depth and balance to your structure. Rectangle glasses have less height on the lenses and thus make for the perfect glasses for narrow face males. They give you a lowkey profile and a smart look.

Go for thinner rims so you don’t overwhelm your narrow face. If you want to try out a bold silhouette, give rimless or transparent glasses a shot.

Everyone looks better in glasses. And if you hit the right frame style for your face shape, you are going to look better than the rest. So what are you waiting for? Dress sharp with glasses and leave everyone in awe of your personal style.