Best at preventing your perpetual assets: Protective features of eyeglasses

Best at preventing your perpetual assets: Protective features of eyeglasses

What are the essentials when we talk about the protection of the eyes? Eyeglasses as an accessory for vision correction, to fashion necessity, to perfect eye protective equipment, have come a long way. 

Since that time, there has been no medical equipment that has gained the importance or prominence as a widely used fashion accessory. And their popularity has been rising every day. From celebrity red carpets to now being one of the most essential protective equipment. 

Taking over the role of the eye protector 

Eyes are your perpetual asset and it is your sworn duty to take the best of their care. You might have been very well engaged when it comes to vision correction and being at the top of the fashion correction. But what about vision support? 

Current eyeglasses are a perfect example of a one-stop solution for all your eye care needs and we could be no more wrong. They are just like the one-person-army focusing on providing the best vision power, protection, and fashion at the same time. 

Topping the trend charts and ramps, the glasses have won the best accessory that will be around for a lifetime but has its protection power turn about to be the same as its fashion usage. 

Usage of glasses as the protector of perpetual assets 

Glasses have come a long way as we discussed, and the eyewear industry has constantly focused on bringing in something new and innovative to keep up with the technological and even eye care needs. There have been several such experiments and usage that have been brought in that proved to be essential for a perfect protective accessory for the eyes. 

And if you are looking for one such feature of the glasses then we have a whole list that will help you to find the perfect fit for your eye care needs. 

Transition lenses

As we talked about the experiments and the smart moves by the eyecare industry, transition lenses have been among the same. Fancying a magic trick is never boring and so is the unique feature of transition lenses. Now, let’s understand what exactly these glasses actually have that makes them different from regular glasses. 

Transition lenses are just like any other regular lenses when indoors, but as soon as you step out in the sun, the lenses react to the rays falling on them. These lenses are then covered with a tint that makes them look exactly like that of sunglasses. These tints can be of a different colour as the choice of your preference. 

These tints are able to adjust themselves as per the intensity of the sunlight falling right on them. The higher the sunlight darker the tint and it exactly goes all the way around as well. This is one best part about these glasses as they are able to adjust themselves to understand the eye care needs. 

These lenses are best when it comes to protecting the eyes from the UV rays and also a perfect pair that covers everything that your eyes require. 

Anti-Glare lenses 

Glare is one issue that is widely ignored when it comes to eye protection, we do experience sharp glare but we are very less aware of the harm it causes to the eyes. Glare is nothing but when a bright light is reflected off a smooth surface causing a sharp glare. These are usually caused by horizontal rays. 

Anti-glare lenses include a coating that specialises in blocking this glare causing horizontal rays from entering the eyes. These glare are caused while looking at the digital screen and working or having your fun time in water and even while driving at night. 

When the glare hits the eyes, it causes a complete blinding effect and some even see halos around the eyes. It makes it quite difficult to concentrate on the road while driving or even while working while looking at your digital screen. During this time they are able to protect your eyes from glare but what about UV rays? One can even opt for transition lenses with anti-glare coating for multiple benefits.  

Anti-blue lenses 

We are very much trapped in the digital circle and there is hardly any way out. But the best one can do is actually smartly adapt to the situation. We cannot avoid the work that we have to complete as part of our job, but we could actually have these anti-blue glasses right on. 

What are these anti-blue light lenses? These are the lenses that are able to block the blue light coming from the digital screens. This prevents the eyes from fatigue and excessive strain caused by the blue light. It can even affect one’s productivity as well, as due to the discomfort, one might not be able to concentrate at work as before.  

Using these glasses will effectively block all these possible rays, making it completely safe to use your screen for long hours. 

Anti-UV lenses

One does put much effort into protecting their skin from the effects of UV rays by applying sunscreens and covering them with some cloth. Now, the question is, do we give as much importance to our eyes just like our skin when it comes to preventing UV rays? 

We are not much concerned about the harmful effect of these rays, but it is quite important to know that your naked eyes can also have the same effects on your skin. So it is important for one to protect their eyes with sunglasses or from anti-UV lenses that will block the rays right at the lenses.